Clearing the Plate

Once again it's time to clear off my knitting plate before I begin some warm-weather projects. You might remember George.

I finished the bulk of the knitting for George about two weeks ago. Since then it langished in my knitting box while my needles focused on completing my Sock Savior pair. With the socks done and mailed, it was time for some seaming.

I enjoy finishing--in small doses. For an adult-sized knit I would need a few evenings to seam everything. With a baby knit, however, all I need is a couple of hours on a drizzly afternoon.

Because George is a cardigan, I first added button bands on the front pieces:


Then I seamed the sleeves to the body pieces along the raglan lines. I had ends everywhere from the cast-on and cast-off rows of each piece.


With the sleeves in place, I sewed them together and seamed the back to the front pieces. I wove in a few ends, snip, snip, snip, and voilĂ :


By then, I was out of yarn; I forgot that extra ball at home. All that remains is a collar, which could easily be some quick subway knitting this week.

Let me share a concern I have with you about this project. I think that those sleeves are going to be too short. Perhaps babies are not proportioned as adults are, but my own arms dangle down past my waist. Well, whatever the case, I'm not frogging the sleeves and reknitting them. At this point, sizing for the niece/nephew is guesswork anyway. I don't expect to get a definite fit for anything until I can get measurements.


George is just gorgeous!!! baby knits have the power to nearly bring me to tears with cuteness. The cables, the deep ribbing, so simple, so elegant, so classic. Sigh!

The first sweater I ever made was for my little girl who was one at the time. I nearly wept every time she wore it. I am such a sap.

Its beautuful!

Still love that color! And I bet the sleeves will fit--the proportions look just like my kids' baby sweaters.
Way to go!

Too cute! And I wouldn't worry about the sleeve length--like Barb, I think it looks like most of P.'s baby sweaters did--wonky for an adult's proportions, but just right for a little kiddo!

what a cute sweater! I think Jaeger has some of the best kids patterns.

baby arms are disproportionate compared to adults, so like everyone else: I think you're fine on that note. :)

I agree about baby arms -- also, too short is better than too long because babies have a hard enough time as it is finding their hands. Which they like to be able to find. I think George is georgeous. (Hm. Sorry.)

Babies are fat with stubby arms and legs and big heads. I think you'll be fine.

Gorgeous! And babies are SOOOO not proportioned like adults. :)

This looks fantastic!

It's cute! But I don't know about the buttonbands. Doesn't look quite right to me next to the cable. *puzzled*

Otherwise, totally cute! I've spent most of my spare time lately trying to figure out how I want to make Ravenclaw Wool Soakers fro my nephew. *tehe*

It's true.
Babies have wicked short arms.
Have you ever seen a toddler raise his hands over his head?!

All my baby sweaters have the same issue with oddly-proportioned arms. Now I'll be more relaxed after seeing yours. Nice George :)

Georgeous. Someone already said it.

IMHO - baby sleeves should be shorter by one inch, and the body should be longer by one inch. I have adjusted almost all my patterns because babies tend to suck on anything near their hands. Love the pattern, it is really very nice.

i wast hinking too that babies dont really dangle thier arms around thier waist... arent they normally all squished up in a blanket? LOL i dont know, i dont have kids :D

I think the proportions will be fine--shorter sleeves are fine on a baby sweater anyway!! It looks beautiful.

Again on sleeves, have you read the Yarn Harlot's latest post on baby sleeves? She says she actually shortens them compared to the pattern!

Now what?


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