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With George's collar off of my needles, and nicely matched with a pair of booties and a hat, it's time to be selfish again. Let's get back to the lace!


Wait a minute, this looks nothing like the pattern photo (it's the Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style, or wrapSTYLE or WrapStyle. I don't know how to type it. Buy it here.)

I don't see those undulating ovals forming, do you? No! I see diagonal stripes. What's going on?

Instead of the shawl in the pattern I'm making a stole. To do this I omitted the side shaping and worked only the 10-stitch repeat from the body chart. Nothing looked right as the stole took shape. I started to suspect that pattern should shift from row to row or repeat to repeat. But, with even repeats of 10, that could never happen. Something was wrong.

The pattern description gave me vital assistance by identifying the stitch pattern as the "classic" fir cone pattern. "Hmm," I thought "'Classic?'" Would that be in one of my Barbara Walker stitch treasuries? It was (Volume 1)! And, Ms. Walker tells us that the stitches are arranged in multiples of 10 stitches plus one. Plus 1! Ah! There's my shifting.

Well, it's back to the laces, but first, it's back to the beginning.


I'll bet the set of the George, hat and the botties is going to be a really nice gift! Congratulations on getting that done.

oooops! oh well, i'm sure you'll be back on track in no time.

Lace is mysterious, isn't it--you were lucky to have the clue that lead you to your answer!

Excellent detective work.


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