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Hang on Sockpal, they're coming:


What, do you think that I was just sitting around yesterday oogling my yarn? Not quite! Especially when what's on my needles is just as nice.

One of the best things about Sockapaloooza is discovering three small yarn dyers, all new to me. My first pair of Sockapaloooza socks (now it can be known: they went to Kerrie) were knit with Dani's merino hand-dyed sock yarn.

Then, of course we have my own Sockapaloooza pair in Melissa's Two Loops hand-dyed yummyness.

Third is Lucy's merino tencel hand-dyed sock yarn. Lucy also has a blog--I'm not sure which link to use so I'll use both. I'm so happy that she's thrown caution to the wind and opened up her Etsy shop. The sock yarn would, in my humble opinion, also work well for shawls. The tencel's sheen lends itself to something a little bit special. Keep it in mind for your next special shawl project.


Okay, you got me. I've had an unfinished Etherial Fischu from Heartstrings FiberArts going for awhile in a pink/white that Lucy dyed for me and it's been sitting too long. Full moons are for finishing after all.

You truly are an angel. The socks are going to be great!

I picked up a hank of Lucy's sock yarn last summer when she was having a sale - it was a beautiful light turqoise. So great to work with, and superwash! I also bought a huge hank of her hand-dyed laceweight which I still haven't used. Just waiting for the perfect project :)

Small world! I just visited Lucy's site, and the photo of her shop looks so familiar. I think I spotted it on a trip to Somerville last year. I wanted to go in, but some male companions weren't interested - gah! I should have ignored them. : )

Fun to watch the progress - your sockpal is a lucky duck!

Thanks for the links to sock yarn providers!

Colleen, your links to Melissa and Lucy have resulted in enhancing my already-burgeoning sock yarn supply.

Dani's goodness was already on my list.

I love microproducers. :)

What's wrong with you? Showing all of that wonderful yarn and making me want it? You're enabling and that's not a good thing?!?!?! The Poma socks are looking wonderful.

I think I'd be tempted to sit and stare at the yarn! I saw your socks on Kerrie's site - they were lovely!

Lucy's yarn DOES work great for scarves and shawls... I don't make socks, but I picked up a skein of her sock yarn a couple of months ago, and it turned into a fantastic lace scarf!

I love the striping on that sock.


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