A Little Progress on a Little Collar

I promise you, this is a baby sweater:


I know that I have knit adult-sized garments faster than George seems to be taking shape. I expected to be finished with the collar in one day--one evening--but that seems not to be the case. It's very close to complete, but I think that I have three or four more rows, about a half inch, before I bind off.

To distract you from my pawltry knitting progress, I give you the sky:


The Charles River, looking west toward Brighton.


The color is looking great. Tiny things always seem to take forever.
Yes, that view looks familiar. It's a great view.

Hang in there--the collar is almost done, and it's going to be so cute! Wasn't the sky beautiful yesterday? I was driving across the BU bridge, noticed a guy with a gigantic camera taking a photo of the amazing sunset, and almost drove off the bridge looking (at the sunset, not at the guy).

So. Close. Now.

I think it strange how the simple knitting or the small garments seem to take up so much time. It's some sort of bizarre physics warp that is utterly nutty.

Adore the Charles! I even see fish in there now--seems unbelievable since I was told when I was young that you could die if you fell in there!


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