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On my last full day in Philadelphia, I had the pleasure of meeting with Jody and Christy for a wee yarn crawl. They took me to their two favorite stores: Rosie's Yarn Cellar and Loop. Not a lot of pictures. It was one of those occasions when it didn't seem appropriate to be whipping out the camera every ten minutes.

I must say that "Rosie's Yarn Cellar" is a very appropriate name for the shop. It's literally a cellar full of yummy yarns. Lots of unusual stuff, and I was tempted. But, without a specific project in mind, I am hesitant to buy randomly. In Boston, I would compare it to a compact version of A Good Yarn.

Then we headed south to Loop. Ooooh, how many wonderful things can I say about Loop? Do you live in Philadelphia, or nearby (you know, within 100 miles or so)? Do you knit? Listen to me: drop whatever you're doing and go to Loop. You heard me. Go!

I thought both the inventory and the environment were great. Craig sure runs a nice shop. I'm still thinking about that Debbie Bliss silk (which, funnily enough, isn't up for sale on the website). Locally, I would consider it on par with Circles (where I have not been in ages, loser that I am). It's a comfortable store, with a well-rounded inventory.

If I were a Philadelphian, I could easily imagine myself making those two stores my LYSs.

Earlier in my visit I tripped upon Sophie's Yarns, on Fourth Street just off of South. At first, I hadn't noticed that it was a yarn store, what caught my eye was this sweater:


Must have! And, upon further inspection I changed that to "Must knit!" According to the store's owner it's an Interweave Pattern, but she didn't have the pattern in stock, and she wasn't able to remember from which edition the pattern came. [It's in IK Winter 02/03, more about this in another post].

Apparently, the store recently moved to this location, so I don't feel that I got the full effect. I look forward to returning when I'm back in the city, and seeing how the inventory develops.


Oooh, I think I have that sweater pattern if you are looking for it... and I hear that A Good Yarn is carying the DB Pure Silk if you are looking for it locally!

Sounds like you had a great trip.

That sweater will look fantastic on you. Glad you had successful yarn shopping trips.

Mmm, vicarious yarn store visits - love it.

Sounds like a nice day out with friends. :D

I hope you find the pattern for that sweater. It'd be a shame to fall in love and never be with your intended.

I stumbled upon this site yesterday. I wll be using it to plan all of my future trips. If there is a yarn store along the way I will be there. *L*

Map Muse - Yarn Store Locator

I bought that issue of IK this winter just to make the Teva Durham sweater! And I love this cable so much that I practiced it on armwarmers. Did you know that the pattern has you cross the cables closer together (every 6th row) at the waist to cinch it in without decreases? And further apart (every 8 or 10 rows) to widen the sweater? It's brilliant.

I feel wistful, just reading this post. In Britain, there is a real lack of imagination when it comes to knitting and yarn. There's a standard range of wool at John Lewis, but for a wider choice, I have to order on the internet. There is 'Loop' in London; which I've never visited. Ummm, I feel a trip coming on.

Ooh, that sweater from IK is one of my all time favorites. I've been waiting for the perfect yarn to tell me it needs to be that sweater. I look forward to seeing you make it.

Woe that I was not a knitter when I lived in Philadelphia. That pattern is a Teva Durham, and I want to make it. I cannot find the issue of IK anywhere!

I love that Teva Durham sweater! You should definitely make it!

I pulled out that issued of IK just now and looked... could not believe it was the same Teva Durham sweater. I swear, her knits are always normal sized and modeled on tiny people. In the magazine it doesn't look nearly as appealing to me as it does on that hanger. Now I'm intrigued... I'm glad you had so much fun in Philly!

Umm, I love this sweater. Now that is a must-have. I'm sure I saw it and didn't think twice about it, but seeing it on that hanger makes me want to knit it now. Thanks for the reference to the IK mag. I'll be looking that one up at home tonight!

ohh now when I visit Philly I'll have great reviews to go by!

I'm getting homesick reading your post about Loop and Rosie's. I was in town over the Christmas holidays, and managed to make it to both stores...multiple times. Loop is new on the scene, but it really is a wonderful store.

That's a cute sweater. And I hardly ever like anything.


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