Woolcott Revisited


It's a store which I don't visit frequently. Why? I don't go mainly because it's out of my way. I'm in Harvard Square (say it with me: Hah-vid Squay-ah) once every couple of months, and then only for a haircut. I also don't go because in the past I have received less-than-helpful service there. I know others have as well. There was the time I overheard part of a phone conversation in which an employee was apologizing for underestimating sweater yardage for a customer. Instead of offering to call everywhere on the planet to secure more yarn in the same dye lot, or offering a store credit in return for the yarn, all the clerk could do was stammer a whimpy apology. Not a way to encourage repeat business, let me tell you.

I'm sure that someone will comment here that Woolcott is more expensive than other yarn stores or catalogues. No argument here. I am, however, a city girl. Along with the many benefits of urban living comes the drawback of slightly higher prices. I don't even consider subtle price differences when evaluating yarn stores.

I recently found myself in Harvard Square with about 20 minutes to kill before my haircut appointment. I decided to go into Woolcott for a browse. I was immediately greeted warmly, and when I began to finger some yarn a woman told me "There is GREAT pattern support for this yarn. Want to see?"

Long story short, for the first time I felt comfortable and welcomed in that store environment. I happily browsed patterns and found one which I couldn't resist:


I also remembered that I was seeking the Winter 02/03 edition of IK. Did Woolcott have it in stock? Yes, there it was.

Score and score!

Rumor has it that there's a new store manager who is working hard to improve customer service. It's shows.


There is indeed a new manager. If you scroll down to the April 12th entry on this blog, you can read about it:

Cheers Eva - LOL... I have to laugh about this... someone at the other end of the world telling you what is going on in a LYS in your town :) Ah, the wonders of the nets...

Wonderful news for Woolcott! And love the new patterns!

Gorgeous baby blanket! Looks like it would be a fabulous shawl.

I have searched all over for the winter IK. I'll have to order it from the web site I guess. All because I want the funky bag pattern in it.

I visited Woolcott for the first time a few weeks ago. They were friendly enough but nothing struck me that day and I left without a purchase.

i've never had a really bad experience at woolcott, but then again, i don't really ask a whole lot of questions or have really specific ordering needs. i'm more of a shop but don't buy girl.

where do you get your haircut in harvard?

I am so glad it has improved. I really don't mind paying a bit more to keep a store afloat if it has good customer service. It is amazing how many knitting shops are really lacking.

I even feed customers in my store. lol Really! Just yesterday there was a customer who had been there for hours taking a Navajo Weaving class and was starving and I grabbed my bag of almonds and handed it to her.

Come to Village Wools in Albuquerque and get yarn AND food! :)

I shopped at Woolcott a couple of years ago when my son was looking at Boston University for grad. school. I really liked the shop, but as you said, the help wasn't very helpful. I did find plenty to buy though. I ran into what I thought was the owner outside the shop (smoking) and she was a hoot. (Heavy makeup, purple rhinestone glasses and vivid clothing ....if that rings a bell. LOL)

Isn't it lovely when store's finally get a clue and figure out that customer service is what people will pay a little extra for - I never mind or bother comparing prices if I get the service - that's worth it's weight in yarn - let's face it, I can order over the internet sometimes and get better service AND prices - but I like to see real people, go real places too!

ooooh, I'm trying and trying to get a good look at that renaissance tunic... the baby blankie is adorable of course, but back to the mag. What's the story on that tunic??? ARe you going to make it??

I, too, visited Woolcott recently after a long hiatus and was pleasantly surprised by the helpfulness of the staff. There were two very nice young women who had the right combination of helpfulness and ability to leave me alone while I browsed. I will definitely go back.

I say this as an assistant manager, the enviroment flows from the people in charge. Yesterday (yes we were open easter sunday)the mood in the store was grim knowing that we were hurting the store we did what any rational managers would do. Easter Yarn Hunt! (we all knit)

Baby knitting is so exciting. Make sure you find out the sex so it all isn't yellow or green (shudder).

About what Jinxsa said: it depends on the green. I know that you know to skip the yellow altogheter. I'll hush my mouth about the "advice".

About what Jinxsa said: it depends on the green. I know that you know to skip the yellow altogheter. I'll hush my mouth about the "advice".

Well that's good, they have a wall of Koigu that is a sight to behold. Plus it's right by Tealuxe and Peet's...

It is great to hear that Woolcott is turning over a new leaf... or, erm, skein? I have avoided it for years because of their lack of customer service. Recently I stopped in to use a gift certificate and encountered one unhelpful and one fabulous employee. I'll have to stop in soon and see if the newfound friendly is permanent!


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