So, if you haven't already noticed, my last post contained the beginnings of a sock project: another Sockapaloooza project. I'll bet you're wondering why I have two sock pals.

Apparently one of the sock pals got hurt, or an old injury acted up. Whatever the case, it became obvious to the sockpal that she wouldn't be able to continue knitting until she healed. She did the only responsible thing: she emailed Alison with an update on her situation.

Wouldn't you know it, but just the day before I had mentioned to Alison that my knitting services were available to be a Sock Savior, should any of the pals "disappear" without delivering their pairs. (I have one word for someone who does that: loser!)

So, it was the perfect scenario for both of us. Alison found a knitter, and I found a sock project for my trip. Win-win.

Pictures tomorrow, when I can take advantage of better light to showcase my AMAZING sock yarn find for this project.


Nice one Sock Savior!

I volunteered to be a savior too; my socks are done and going out today (my pal lives over the big water). Love the blog!

You are such a sweetheart.

dont know how you can beat that awesome purple colorway but I have faith that you bought something extra groovy in NY!


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