We Have a Cuff(f)!

Sockapaloooza Twoooza's sock is rolling along. Progress hasn't been exactly as I had hoped. But when I'm knitting this at night and briefly in the morning, what can I expect?


Still, I can't complain. Sock one now has a cuff, and I'm about to begin the heel flap. The yarn (merino-tencel sock yarn from Mind's Eye Yarns, in case your're curious) still captivates me with its swirling stripes and soft sheen.


Oh those ae SO pretty!

oooooh! Cant' wait to see that sock in person... how cool. will see you today, maybe briefly though.

Those look gorgeous! You are cruising right along.

That is one of the most gorgeous sock patterns, and it looks so different every time I see it. Your stitches are so tiny and even. I'm so in awe!

They are BEE-U-TEE-FUL!!! I love the color and I know your sock pal will just love them.

Your socks are beautiful and your carpet is immaculate...:)

These are glorious yarns. But now they will ALL be sold out. Good for Lucy, NSG for me! Lucky I got my periwinkle last summer...marinating in my stash. You are so wonderful for rescuing a sock pal.

the more i see of this sock, the more i want to knit a pair up for myself. as soon as my second pair of jaywalkers are off the needles, i'll cast on for this... looks great!

wow, that is pretty. aww, but show a wee bit more love for the flap heel, willya? It'll grow on you, honest. :)


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