Sockapaloooza Twoooza!

So, once I had Alison's request I was on a mission. I had three days to find a lovely sock yarn and a great pattern to use for my Sockapaloooza Twoza socks.

These socks have to be a little bit unusual. After all, my poor sockpal's going to be left high and dry while everyone else is opening their mailboxes to find special packages from all over. I was pushing my luck to hope that I could find as beautiful a colorway for these socks as I did for my first pair, but I was hoping.

Knitter's luck was on my side. Not only is Circles is on my way home from work but also Allison remembered that she had two special skeins of some absolutely wonderful merino-tencel, hand-dyed sock yarn.

The yarn was dyed by Lucy up at Mind's Eye Yarns. Apparently Allison has been trying to convince Lucy to wholesale the stuff and for that reason she had a few skeins lying around.

Lucy, I have two words for you: do it! I hear that you're worried about keeping up with demand. You're right to be concerned. The yarn is wonderful! It's soft, it has a beautiful sheen, and the colorway is amazing. Think pomegranates and cherry blossoms and you won't be far off.

With the yarn purchased and safely stowed in my bag, it was time to select a pattern. The bold colorway called for a bold stitch pattern. Dainty lace need not apply. I hemmed and hawed, but it soon became apparent what I had to do: Pomatomus!

I must confess: I was intimidated by all the twisted knit stitches in the pattern. I thought that the knitting would get awfully fiddly awfully fast. Indeed, after a few rows of a test repeat I was one unhappy knitter. The stitches were tight, the yarn was splitting, and my hands were beginning to hurt.

Then I remembered what Reese said a couple of weeks ago when we were ooohing and ahhing over her finshed pair: it's not absolutely necessary to twist the stitches. Reese's pair, incidentally, had the twisted stitches. I don't know how she did it.

Let's try the repeat again, sans the knit TBLs. Eureka! The knitting became so much easier. My hands relaxed, and I began to enjoy the pattern.


Fun, fun, fun! Hang on Sockapaloooza Pal II, your socks are coming.


A sock savior par excellance! I couldn't even make it through the P-socks for me (although, admittedly, it was the yarn pooling issues that did me in) - and so quickly!

Wow, that yarn is beautiful! I'm interested to feel a merino tencel sock blend. Knit on you sock demon!

They are fabulous! Now, does the sockpal have to wear them on her mannequin leg or can she actually put them on her foot? (im so funny in my own head!)

Nice sock! you go.....!

Wow,that's looking great! I feel the need to get some of that yarn. Beautiful.

I think your new sock pal is gooing to be very happy with the socks you are making. I currently working on my second parir of Pomatomus and I am doing the twisted stitches. I think the sock looks very good with "regular" stiches as well.


horay! got to love the poms. I'm doing cookie's new knitty pattern at the moment, also with the twisted rib. its as not as good, but pretty nonetheless

OK, you keep tempting me with all the yarn-y delights available in Boston. I'm trying to decide whether I'm moving to Boston or CA in a few months, and you're tipping me that way. :)

The TBLs on the Simply Lovely Lace socks I am knitting have really been bugging me too. I'm glad to know that the Pomatomas sock is a possibilty without them!

That does look like the perfect pattern for that yarn.

I think those socks will more than make up for being stiffed at first. yay for you for doing this!

Wow! Gorgeous. And great, great tip! You *are* a sock angel.

How very beautiful!

thanks to pomatomus, i'm OBSESSED with twisted stitches and use them on everything now! well, except lace because it doesn't open up the pattern for lace. but on stockinette i use twisted stitches all the time now! it looks so nice and neat to me. i'm a loose knitter, so they tighten up just perfectly.

can't wait to see your socks sunday.

Beautiful -- Makes me want to go cast on a pair RIGHT NOW!

Holy cow, that yarn is gorgeous! Your pal will be so happy to receive this combination from you, Sock Hero!

lookin' great!!

Those socks are so cool! I love the color and the pattern. :D

Beautiful yarn and wonderful pattern for it! Now that I know about the twisted stitches or lack of, I may get brave and try it.

I hope pal #1 doesn't get envious - that yarn looks gorgeous! Or maybe I'm just projecting my own personal color preferences :).

Oh, lovely! You can be my sock savior any day. :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was looking for a pattern to knit up into socks for two cousins. Pomatomus is perfect!


Beautiful yarn...absolutely delicious, I almost want to eat it (which is maybe a little worrying)!

I have some of this yarn, and was worried that it wouldn't be clingy enough for the socks to stay up. Maybe I was mistaken?

The sock looks awesome, Colleen! Thanks so much for being a sock savior. And for letting us know we can do the Pomatomi without twisted stitches. I just may consider it sometime now.


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