Philler Post

By now, I'm sure that you're approaching your fill of Philadelphia posts. Don't worry, it wasn't a very long trip.


Philly has its fair share of cafes in which to take a break and knit (of course). Here's the sock at Tuscany Café on Rittenhouse Square.

If you're thinking "Why isn't she at La Colombe?" let me assure you that I did go there later. I just don't have pictures of it.


That's such a pretty'd make a good postcard for knitters!

I am actually loving the Philly posts, as a Philly-dweller myself (although languishing in the 'burbs...).

I was in Philly once. Very Short trip. I went there for an hour and then flew home. *L* (Business trip)

That coffee looks SOOOOOOOO good. I really want some coffee now.

The lighting is beautiful. Such a peaceful moment. :D

The Philadelphia I never knew. Guess you didn't make it to the Northeast, huh? ;-)

Ahh... That picture would be a lovely poster of my perfect Saturday afternoon.

Ahhhh the scene oozes tranquillity.


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