Out, damned spot! Out!

It was time for the blocking.

I filled my sink with warm water and Eucalan, and let Cozy soak for about 15 minutes. I think that I'm happy with the results.


The stitches flattened and separated, and the contrast between the solids and voids in the pattern is much more pronounced than before. The width expanded to that of a wide scarf. This will be perfect for blustery spring days.

The details:

Pattern: Cozy

Yarn: Sheldridge Farm Soft Touch Ultra in the "Opal" colorway. It came from Circles via Jackie over at The Project.

Would I knit this again? I really liked this this stitch pattern, and I think that Debbie Bliss Pure Silk, in perhaps the 03 colorway, would make a perfect stole. And it's available at A Good Yarn. Just saying...


Do you have a photo? Did the coffee stains go? I agree the Pure Silk range is gorgeous; soft to the touch.

Look forward to seeing it. Glad that the stains are resolved!

I love the way it looks - I printed out this pattern ages ago but I still haven't knit it. I'm happy to have your positive review!

Great stitch pattern! Enjoy!

did you pin the scarf down when you dried it, or did it just open up like that all on its own? blocking is a big mystery to me and i haven't tried it yet, even though i have blocking pins specifically for that purpose. where do you block? i have no carpet in my apartment, so what are other options?

Great FO! You are a stronger knitter than I, since my Cozy hit the frog pond!

I really like that stitch pattern! And I'm glad you got rid of the spot, damn spot.

looks great!! i really love that cozy stitch pattern. it's a personal fave.

I love your Cozy!! I knit mine out of Kureyon and used it as a shawl/scarf this winter...it is lovely and will bring lots of warmth on many days. I love your "lighter" version. It is worth trying in some lighter weight yarn and making it wider for a nice shawl.
I do have pics on my blog of mine, not sure exactly what date but I don't have that many posts!! :)

oops, should have said I knit mine from Noro!! duh is me.

It looks so great after the wash and block. Wow, that lace really opened up! Beautiful!

It looks great!

It looks great! Did you reduce the number of repeats the pattern called for, or did using the lighter weight yarn make it scarf width naturally?


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