On The Way Back to Boston

On the train journey back to Boston I worked on Cozy. It was a rather cozy journey--perfect for knitting lace. Rain was spotting the windows as we traveled north, and the landscape gradually lost its green tinge of spring and regained the dull winter gray to which I have become accustomed.

As the miles ticked by, Cozy grew.


I was enjoying myself. I had a weird fantasy that I would finish this scarf during the return journey. No such luck. As with the sock on the way to Philadelphia, I grew tired after a few hours and spent the last couple of hours doing little else but dozing in my chair.


Looks, well, Cozy! Sounds like a great trip to Philadelphia.

Glad to hear it's all spring like in Philly, since I'm going home for Easter this weekend. I just got back from Scandinavia and Scotland, though, and think Providence is all sorts of warm and sunny. Especially since it snowed on me in Copenhagen on Saturday.

The lace looks great!

Pretty! We had a day of 75F yesterday here in Minneapolis and suddenly, from nowhere, there's grass and buds. Hopefully that happens very soon for you, too.

The lace and the color are wonderful.

I love the color you chose for Cozy. I'm thinking of knitting that this summer too. I need a nice cozy wrap! What yarn are you using?

That's so gorgeous! I like it a lot.

Colleen, that color is lovely!

I know you'll finish Cozy in due time.


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