Oh THERE You Are

Go away for a couple of days, and my entire routine falls apart. I can't do much subway knitting when my project has been left behind at work:


There you are! Whew!

As you know, this project has had a dubious beginning. Let's hope that things get better from here.


Oh, that's so funny! You must have been in a panice wondering where it was? (Luckily the cleaners din't dispose of it.)

how horrible! I'd be worried about it, too. Glad all's well that ends well.

Not a good sign, when you're trying to ditch the poor thing at the office . . .

What a relief. Not quite the same as losing your kid, but pretty darn close!! Glad you found it, and hope you post the finished piece.

good thing you found it!

when i leave my knitting at work it causes me all sorts of anxiety since i'm not 100% sure that i didn't leave it somewhere else.

*shudders at the thought*

There are few things more traumatizing than a lost project! So glad you found it!

Thank goodness you found it!

I recently was so concerned about leaving my knitting bag on the metro that when I hurried off the train, my purse was left behind instead!! (got it back, tho'--thank goodness.) I'm glad you found your project.

You didn't go cold turkey did you?


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