Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week

I was in my seat before I noticed her:


A fellow subway knitter, right next to me. How perfect! For about a second I thought about not knitting on this journey. But then I asked myself why. Why could I not knit because my seat neighbor is doing the same? No answers came.


It's amazing how many knitters you encounter on the T. Have you ever spoken to any, or introduced yourself? (Just curious.)

Looks like she knit her hat, too.

I want her bag. See I get too excited to see a non granny knitter I'ed talk about knitting until she switched cars to seek refuge.

Before someone complains-Definition of Granny Knitter someone who buys thier wool at the supermarket and that wierd petrolium stringy yarn.

How nice; knitting sort of connects people.

so, you pulled out her needles and you two had some sympatico type knitting? :) i'd have been interested in seeing the look on her face!

pulled out YOUR needles.. but yeah, it would have been even funnier if you had taken hers right out of her hands! :)


Indeed, that bag is cute. Did she know you snapped her?

You did you say hello? Ask what she's making? Ask about the hat? Find out if she has a blog? Yup, full of questions today. *L*

I talked to a woman sitting next to me on the bus recently who was knitting. It was nice!

You have to pull out your knitting!! You never know, you might become fast friends or something and plus maybe others will gain interest in knitting and then we can TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!

What? Are we not supposed to do that?

Rock on! This recently happened to me on the train, and it was great! I think our fellow commuters were a little intrigued by all the knitting going on in our car.

Did you talk to each other at all??

Funny, I do most of my knitting while my kids take TaeKwonDo. Some of the other moms have asked for lessons. Maybe I should start a blog called :-)

Love seeing your ideas and progress. I'm so adding the urban necessities gloves and the bucket hat to my plans.


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