Mystery SEPTA Crocheter of the Week

The Harlot's got Toronto covered, and I don't worry a bit about New York, but you Philadelphians have got some work to do with regards to public-transportation knitting.

I was alone in a sea of commuters. The woman next to me (with pink hair, but nevermind) was sneaking glances every few seconds. It was as if she couldn't quite grasp the idea that I was knitting aboard a commuter train.

Then I saw her: the crocheter two rows ahead of me. The shawl was suddenly lifted high, the hook glistened in the light, and the string of red yarn trailed back to her bag.

I whipped out my camera and managed to capture this shot:


At this point pink-hair woman had gone from merely staring to a full out smirk. Not only was I knitting, but I was also snapping random photos of train passengers! Why anyone would do this was clearly beyond her comprehension. Clearly she was sitting next to the crazy person in this car.

A few seconds later we pulled into 30th Street Station. The Mystery SEPTA Crocheter was off on her way, and I had a blog entry. Too bad that I didn't get a shot of Ms. Pink Hair.


The other night at the women's final four I was knitting. There was a woman 2 seats down from me working on a beaded bracelet and Dale spotted (with the binoculars) a woman knitting across the way. Very cool to see!

We need you to educate the masses on the rail network in Britain; where knitters are met with hard stares as if they are doing something illicit! I knit in public, but it just doesn't seem to be catching on.

Heh, it would've been fun to see Ms Pink Hair - altho perhaps the picture couldn't possibly compare to the mental image I have...

I saw someone crocheting in the Philadelphia airport a few weeks ago...does that count?

I saw someone crocheting in the Philadelphia airport a few weeks ago...does that count?

We don't have the subway in Halifax,NS, but I do see other knitters on the bus!

I lived in Philly for five years, and I rarely saw a KIPper who wasn't in a coffeehouse.

I made a ton of new friends in airports and on planes this past fall on my way to Guatemala. Everyone was facinated that a) I was knitting to begin with and b) that I was allowed to carry needles on an international flight.

I used to live in Philadelphia (East Falls, to be specific) and I'd knit on SEPTA all the time. I didn't get all that many looks, but I was very rarely on rush-hour trains so that could be why.

I've never seen anyone crochet in public before. Heck I've only seen two knitters in public before. Both times at the airport. That's what made me decide I needed to start knitting. I fly a lot and figured I might stay sane if I can do something with my time besides hoping the plane doesn't fall out of the sky. *L*

All hail the quiet car!

I knit on the train all the time to and from NYC and am mostly met with people that could really care less. Hopefully once the weather stays nice for more than two days I'm going to try and spend some afternoons in Ritt Square and just stitch and relax.

You can only feel sad for Ms. Pink Hair. At the end of her ride she's just reached her destination. Meanwhile you have used the journey to create useful things and celebrate your fellow passengers doing the same.

I'm going to be a regular on the Acela from Boston (where I'll be)to DC (where DH will be), so I've been watching your trip with interest! I'm already plotting projects for the trips, so now I know to watch out for pink hair - or at least be sure to snap a picture and blog about it!!

Maybe Ms. Pink Hair didn't think you were crazy at all... maybe she's a blogger, too, and knew exactly what you were up to!

I will be knitting on the plane to and from San Diego this weekend. I have trouble on plane, train, and automobile trips when I can't knit.

I live in a pretty small town there is Public Transport but it sux. I do however knit in the food court of my town's only mall. I get looks and I get people trying to snatch my special mini scarf needles out of my hands..

It's been a while, but I used to knit and crochet on the R5 train. Adults were pretty standoffish about it, but the conductors were always checking my progress (especially when I was making my goddaughter's christening outfit), and I'd always get questions from little kids.

I really miss public transit!


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