Knitting Grandma to the Rescue!

So, as I become Aunt Subway Knitter, Knitting Grandma (KG to you and me) could become known as Knitting Great Grandma (or, KGG). For simplicity's sake, we'll continue with KG on this blog.

Anyway, KG and I were talking knitting recently. I shared how I was on my way to WEBS to pick up some Plymouth Encore for a sweater and blanket. That's when she said those magic words, "I already made a blanket. Actually I crocheted two, one for the crib and one for the carriage."

"Oh, did you, KG?!" I exclaimed. Cancel baby-blanket knitting for Subway Knitter!

Does Knitting Grandma rock, or what? (Acceptable answers: "yes" and "of course".) With two blankets at the ready, this means that I'm off the hook. Literally, I suppose, because the blankets are crocheted. While I'm happy to knit blankets for new arrivals, and I think that every baby needs a blanket, I find baby-blanket knitting to be a bit of a slog. As the blanket gets bigger the project gets less portable, and its end seems further and further away.

Still, as projects go, nothing says "welcome" better than a handmade blanket, so I was gearing up for the distance-knitting event. I had the pattern, and I was on my way to get the yarn. Thanks to KG, I'm able to turn my attentions to other things.

Rock on, KG. Rock on!


Uh oh, sounds like a knitting marathon is coming up between you and KG. I can only imagine all the knitted/crocheted things the two of you are going to produce.

I do love that pattern, though :-) Baby knitting is too cute -- how about a fruit cap? Yes, they are popular, but adorable!

Oh, but you never have too many blankets - I used to long for smaller blankets to drape over the car seat when the car was chilled. Or better yet, if there is a chistening or baptism in the babies future - a keepsake blanket?

Awesome! Off the hook. This baby will need lots of sweaters this winter of course... and every winter to come, for the rest of its life. There is still a marathon to be knit. Go go go!

So, what will you be knitting instead?

I should borrow KG. I still haven't knit a proper blanket for my nephew and he just had his first birthday.

So to what other things will you be turning?

Other things like booties and onesies?

OMG! I'm a Knitting Gram too and I did the same thing. 2 blankets before the first ultrasound. LOL.

The best things you can make are sweaters, hats, mittens, scarves, and socks (Lots of socks). There's always a demand, since kids grown so fast, and they are fast, portable projects.

My grandsons will only wear "Gram made" socks. No more store bought socks for them. So be aware that once your little ones starts talking demands for specific items in specific colors will follow.

Of course the trade off for scouring the earth for the specific color green or orange comes when the child is at the playground, walks up to a perfect stranger and announces, "My Auntie made my hat. Did your Auntie make your hat?" And when the answer is no the child looks at the person like oh that's terrible for you.

Lucky you. I've got no one to share the baby blanket load with.

I would like to recommend the hooded sweatshirt pattern in A Treasury of Rowan Knits. Made up in various wool/cotton yarns from tiny to quite big, they have proved to be perhaps my most appreciated knits!

Yay for KG! Between the two of you, this baby will never be cold. :)

Hurrah for KG!

Damn that woman is fast! *L*

So now that you are off the hook what will your next project be? :D

so what are you going to know? I agree about baby blankets being a slog, but baby shawls on the other hand... heaven...!

focus on all those cutie pie sweaters!


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