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ATTENTION, KNITTERS. There you are in a theater watching the promos, when, if only you could see, you could be finishing that adorable little sweater you've been working on. Monica Dremann, the wife of Michael Rosenberg, the president of Imagine Entertainment, mentioned this sad state of affairs to Edith Eig, an owner of La Knitterie Parisienne in Los Angeles, and Mrs. Eig's husband, Merrill, a retired engineer, got on the case. The resulting partnership yielded Knit Lite: knitting needles with glowing L.E.D tips, which allow you to purl away not only in the movies, but also at night on the lawn under a starless sky or maybe even in an amusement park tunnel of love. "The best part," said Mrs. Eig, an actual Parisienne who has a Chanel-style suit emerging from her No. 10½ needles, "is there is no problem knitting with the beautiful black yarns." Available next month, Knit Lite needles in various sizes will cost about $20 a pair at

Am I the only one to think that this would be absolutely, completely, and totally annoying to those around you? Not to mention impractical. But hey, at $20 a pair they're not much more costly than a pair of Addis. Someone try these and let me know, 'kay?


I think they'd be awfully annoying to me, not just to the people around me. But kind of a cool concept. I could maybe see it as a passenger is a car late at night.

I wonder why they went with straights instead of circulars?

I think they'd be really annoying at the movies - but I'd love them for those outdoor concerts my husband does in the summer. I always have to put the knitting away when it gets dark. And I'm not wearing one of those dorky lights on my head!

I'd be willing to try them. But yes, I think it'd be annoying to people around me, too. I'm trying to think if I care enough about them, LOL.

Hmmmm....I remember last summer I had to take my children to SharkBoy & LavaGirl (or something like that) which was the WORST movie I've ever seen. Bar none. I'd rather put knitting needles through my eyes than see that again. Needless to say, the theater wasn't very crowded and I bet I could have sat not too near anyone and have been in a much better mood once I left the theater if I had those. I'm curious...

We talked about those on various LiveJournal knitting groups. At first I thought they were neat, but I didn't think of the annoyance to others factor. They would be useful for watching movies at home in the dark, which I never do anyway. Maybe if you were watching movies at home with a group? For $20 I wouldn't even want to try them (they'd cost more for us Canucks anyway).

Wow... I imagine little blue lights flicking around the Boston Common Loews... ha ha ha. Couldn't be anyworse than annoying ring tones and people who carry on complete cell phone conversations in the movies. By the by, your YO advice helped... Cozy is moving along! :)

After seeing my electric bill go up over the last couple of months, I'm seriously considering a pair of these. (Like yourself, I want to hear from someone that has them first.)

First, they gotta come out with circulars, then I'll give them a whirl.

Are you kidding? I saw those, my first thought was "I'll have to constantly hide them from my son". Because if he ever got his hands on them they'd be taken apart "to see how they work, Mommy." And then I'd go to jail 'cause I'd have to kill him. ;-) Jen

Hihihi... I discovered them a couple of days ago and they're already working on sock sized DPN versions :)

I think it is way cool, but I also think the lights could annoy others around you. Would have to see how it all works out :)

Cheers Eva

Oh, yeah, that's going to go over well in the theater... not. Your fellow moviegoers will take you out!

I don't do much knitting such large needles or on black, so I am thinking I won't be trying them. Also, sometimes I just need to concentrate on where I am and not knit, I know hard to believe, though I do see the point of that Lava lamp movie, that would be a definate knitting opportunity.

I think they'd probably have a terrible join and stick on the yarn all the time. And I'd probably get really sick of looking at leds blinking in my lap after a while.

If I brought those to the movies with my family or friends, about half of them would go postal, and the other half would either ignore it, or be fascinated and miss the movie.

I figure that if I'm going to be knitting in a movie theater or the dark, well, I'll bring an appropriate knitting project with me.

They'd be terrible in a movie theater. I would never do that. But at night, under the stars? Awesome. I might just have to buy some. I'll let you know.

So funny that you said this as I had the same reaction! I think the waving of the little blue lights would really give me a headache. Why not just strap on a miner's light?

I'm in agreement about being able to see black yarn better while using those needles but I would never want them at the movies! The lights would really be annoying.

I want some! They wouldn't be appropriate for a crowded theater, but they'd be great for other low light situations and dark yarns. Like when the power goes out in JP.

I'll be all over that one! NOT! I saw those somewhere else and think that they are silly.

It would irritate me at the movies perhaps... but I can see putting those to good use on a Red Eye flight. I can't sleep on plains and that might help save my sanity. *L*

I think Cirs would have been a better idea though. Nothing sucks worse than loosing a straight needle in public when you are jammed in like sardines and can't look around to see where it went. o.0

Yeah, the first thing I thought when I saw about these somewhere was that they would annoy the crap out of everyone around.

it takes all the fun out of knitting in the movie theatre! it's much more thrilling to knit for a couple of hours in the dark movie theatre only to be "surprised" by how it turns out.

yes annoying to others, but they're probably super cool if nothing more than just for novelty value. But more importantly, that store in LA is AWESOME!

REALLY annoying to the other people in the theater! (And I like Shireen's comment about the nice surprise after knitting in the dark theater.)

They might be handy during a black-out, though! But yeah, got to be circulars.

It'd be irritating to people at the movies... but... so cool!

hrm. i thought they were pens shaped like knitting needles at first... now that would be cool. :D

You know, I *do* think it would be annoying to knit on 10.5 needles. Oh ... wait ... "other people." Yep, it would spoil it for the movie crowd. There's an exception, though. Have you ever been to the kids' screenings at Coolidge Corner? I guarantee you that there's so much chaos that no one would notice two little lights bobbing rhythmically in the darkness.

I pre-ordered the Knit Lite needles online at and I just received them. They are even better than I imagined. They are so cool. Just the tips light up. Wow, it really does make knitting with dark yarns easier. And my husband doesn't complain about having the light on when we are watching TV!


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