How to Pack

How to pack for a trip to New York.

The key is to pack light.

Sock project, good:


(All the details next week.)

Baseball cap, bad:


Better leave that at home.

I'll see you all on Tuesday!


Have a good trip!

UGH! I'm sorry I didn't email you back. My plans yesterday were completely up in the air and then I ended up at home all day. I'm sorry! NEXT TIME! Have a great weekend - and DON'T wear that cap!!!!

Yeah, the Red Sox nation stuff is best left in Boston for this strip.

yankee fans are particularly grumbly these days since they know that the yankees suck

Sock project lovely! Have fun!

Enjoy NY! Boston's great, but I grew up in New York and miss it dearly.

but why not bring the hat? be a proud fan.

love love that sock yarn - will miss you on Sunday! Have fun...

Have a great trip. Love the colour yarn.

Beautiful yarn. Have a good trip and happy socking!

that looks like LL in the grey's corner colorway. ;)

the yankee fans are pretty cranky these days! have a great trip. :)

Have a good trip!

And definitely a good idea to leave that cap at home. It would be as bad as someone wearing an Oilers jersey around here. ;)

I have to share this inane story about what a HUGE dork I am. I'm Bobby and my brother is Brian. He's a huge baseball nut, and I just sort of catch a game now and then. Anyway, for the longest time he wore a boston red sox hat, which seemed odd to me because the red sox arent one of his favorite teams (or so I thought) and I decided that he was totally wearing it because it has a B for Brian. When I told that to my brother he just laughed at me for being just a huge dork.

So on my birthday he bought me a red sox hat, and on the back is a pair of what look to be hand knitted red sox (you know, embroidered or whatever). He gave it to me and said, "The B is Bobby," and he turned it around it and pointed to the socks. "and you KNIT socks".

So yeah, I'm a fake red sox fan all because of my name, amd the fact that I knit socks. Aren't you glad I cluttered your blog with this?

Hope you have a good trip!

I know what you're knitting... That yarn is lovely by the way, I forgot to ask you at the Point what yarn you were using.

No way, man! Show your Boston pride, regardless of what those stupid Yankees think! GO SOX!

What? Only one knitting project?!? You sure are packing light. ;)

And I think you should have brought the hat.

Socks are perfect for travel - I was just out your way with a pair of Bearfoot socks and I DID bring my Sox hat. Have a great trip to NY - definitely a good idea to keep baseball loyalties under wraps there, LOL...

You know, I doubt you will have problems with you Red Sox hat in Boston. I think you would have a bigger problem if you wore a Yankees hat in Boston, but not the other way around.

I think you should have brought the hat and worn it proudly. After all, their fans don't leave their hats home when they come time, bring it with you.

It was nice meeting you (briefly) at the Point on Friday. (I came in a few minutes before you left and sat across from you.) I think you should have worn your hat. I've lived here for over ten years and I still wear mine whenever I feel like it. Red Sox Nation is everywhere - be proud!

I say wear your Nation gear with pride!


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