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The latest addition to the prints collection chez Subway Knitter:


Poster drawn and printed by Jean Cozzens, secret door press, Providence, Rhode Island. Afghan by Knitting Grandma, Springfield, Massachusetts.


cool print! And lovely afghan...

That print is too cool! I'm seriously considering decorating my new place with a photo montage of things I've knit. Is that weird? Yeah, I think that's weird.

Very, very cool print.

Very cool print. Love the retro graphics. And nice afghan too!

Beautiful afghan; wish she was my grandma too.

Great print! I have my grandmas afghans on the back of my couch--I love them, and so do my kids.

Only the best at Chez Subway Knitter. I have my aunt's wedding present afghan on our couch...rose colored, multi stitched, cables, bobbles, ribs, honeycombs.

Yay for the knitting grandmothers of western MA!!!!
And I love that print! :)


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