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I'm liking George so far:

Baby knits are instant gratification. Oh sure they have all the little twists and turns of adult-sized sweaters (sometimes even more) but they're small, very portable, and progress shows almost immediately.

Look! Without trying too hard I finished the back yesterday.


Next: left front.


Very nice color... are they going to find out the sex of the baby?

cute! i need to find a baby to knit for.

Oh man, that is so cool. I like (love) instant gratification. I need to find some small people to knit for.

Or maybe someone who is really into collecting dolls and wants a doll or teddy bear sweater. *L*

Great progress! Do you have a book of baby patterns you're especially fond of?

So pretty--I love the color--and of course the instant gratification factor. Can't wait to see the rest of it!

Hard to believe the little critter clothes are so small. Very cute. The yarn looks perfect for a late summer/fall wear. When's the baby due?

BTW, You've inspired me to look for other knitters during my long commute. I spotted two in less than 24 hours, but I still think you spot them more often than I do.

Generally, baby knits are instant gratification, which I tend to delay by putting off the seaming. I love the yarn color.

Great colour. I'm saving up some baby knitting fury for my sister's kid too, should she ever have one. I didn't get enough with my own! Have a blast.

I love that color. Fast and cute... what more do you need in a project? :D


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