Frogging, Frogging, Frogging

So, I commenced knitting George, and something didn't seem right. Now, I'm no expert. In fact I don't have the slightest clue about babies, but the finished chest dimension of the 1-to-2-year size (the smallest size given) seemed much too tiny. The pattern indicated that the size should fit a child with an 18-inch chest circumference.

That seemed too small. But again, what do I know? So, I emailed a mom to do some research. As I suspected, the sweater would just fit Squeaky, who seems to be a bit petite for her age. I better plan for extra room, just in case the niece or nephew is a bruiser.

To the frog pond we go!


To everyone going to see The Harlot this evening, have fun. I have professional engagements that will prevent me from getting to any of her appearances in Massachusetts this time. Phooey!


Aw, I was going to ask if you'd be at the Porter Square appearance this afternoon. Bummer!

Oh, bummer about the professional engagement conflict!

I won't be seeing Steph this time either. Bummer.

oh no! well, child knits are always hard to gauge. it's been a long time since i was that small :)

Just an opinion, but how about making that sweater as a doll or teddy bear sweater, and then make a larger one for the baby? I don't know if people do that, or if it's too cute, but...

I thnk Dave has a great idea. Like a tester version of George.

I swear people are having bigger babies these days. Not that I'd actually know from experience or anything...

They come out that big? o.0

I am so glad I'm never having a kid. *faint*

Colleen, check out the Standards site for measurements -

A 1-2 y.o. should have a chest measurement of at least 21 inches around.


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