Dear Sockpal,

Dear Sockpal One,

I packed your socks with care.


At this point, it's out of my hands.


Hope that you like them. I certainly enjoyed knitting them.


Subway Knitter


That's a beautiful little care package. I'll be passing the views in those post cards today. (It's a bright sunny day out there!)

Love the sock sleeve -- lucky, lucky pal!

*sending safe mail transit thoughts*

Wow, did you even make a label for the sock? I think I can read "sockapalooza" on it. I'm impressed!

Damn. I didn't do the postcard. Oh well. I did write a note!

Those socks are awesome!!

I'm sure your SockPal will LOVE the package. :D

I love that label and those socks are beautiful.

your sock pal sure is lucky! beautiful socks and very lovely packaging. :)

your sock pal is so very lucky. great socks and very lovely packaging. :)

Ahh! An international pal! (I see the customs form in the top photo... plus the postage is kind of high)


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