Catch Up II

Knitsmiths last weekend was a finishing frenzy.

First, I grafted the toe of my second Sockapaloooza sock. I am indebted to Laurie who provided me with a sheet of instructions for the kitchener stitch. I have found this sheet to be extremely helpful with finishing this pair of socks, and I can't graft without it.


I give you finished Sockapaloooza socks:


The details:

Pattern: Priscilla's Dream Socks for the short-row heel numbers. Otherwise I used a very simple K3P1 rib for the cuff and top of the sock.

Yarn: Dani's Sunshine Yarns, Colorway Dusk. I used one skein to create socks with a 10-inch cuff, and had quite a bit remaining. This was my first knit with this yarn, and I highly recommend it--especially now that she's introduced some superwash into her selections.

Needles: DPNs, US2. I love my DPNs.


Very pretty! Congrats on being done!

So, so nice! I want to try the short row heel -- it looks great.

They look great - nice grafting! I have yet to find written grafting instructions that I can follow without any trouble. My toe grafting sessions are often filled with chanting and cursing, but the toes always come out ok in the end. Have you ever grafted on the subway???

They look great, Colleen. Grafting takes practice. Eventually, you'll do it with confidence without the instructions. Just keep knitting socks!

I love dpns too!

Yay, you're done with plenty of time to spare - and they're lovely.

they are gorgeous! lucky sock pal! congrats on finishing :)

Congratulations on finishing--I can vouch that the socks look even cooler in person!

Great....makes me want to go and knit socks....which I haven't actually done yet. Idea of DPNs and short rows is just too scary.

oh no, seeing all these finished sockapaloooza socks means that I MUST KNIT FASTER!

I'm happy it worked for you. I just grafted my Trekking toes, and need that sheet right by my side. They look beautiful! I need to check out her shop...

I read your comment to the Yarn Harlot and the yarn in the tunnel, so went back and checked. You're absolutely right, and it's a very cool picture - thanks for pointing it out!

Yay! I love those socks! Must go shop at Dani's...

Well done you!

I love that yarn and they turned out so well.

Any chance of you and/or Laurie providing other grafting-challenged sock folks with the magic sheet of instructions? Cause grafting and I are on very unfriendly terms and since I mostly knit socks, this has become a real problem. Much appreciation would be offered in return!

I need the magic sheet too, if possible! I am just about done with my first sock and um, I'm thinking of a three needle bindoff with them. Or is that an evil unforgivable sin? I don't "get" any of the directions I've seen so far for grafting.

Hmm... you didn't try them on... maybe that means they're small. They're not for me, are they? ;)

Yay! Congrats on finishing-they look beautiful.


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