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Because I was blogging about Philadelphia last week, I need to update all of you on my current knitting progress.

First, Cosy.


Yay, it's done but not blocked. You almost can't see the coffee stains in this picture.


Yes, I wrote "coffee stains." Looking out at the chilly rain, I suddenly got a chill myself. To warm myself I got a cup of coffee and continued knitting. Of course, you know what happened next. The train lurched, the cup tipped, and before I knew it, there was coffee pouring itself all over me and my knitting.

Who cares about me? There was coffee all over the scarf! What could I do? I grabbed some paper napkins and blotted out as much of the coffee as I could. I recently began to take my afternoon coffee black, so lucky for me that it was just coffee on the scarf and not coffee and milk.

I thought about taking the scarf into the bathroom and rinsing out the stain, but quickly remembered how wet wool smells. Not a good idea.

I'm confident that I can soak out much of the coffee during the blocking process so as to make the stain unnoticeable. We'll see.

And, about catching up with blog commenting, it's almost hopeless. My blog-reading time is extremely limited, due to some server issues. I know that I have been scarce with my comments, but please know that I'm reading.


I'm sure those stains won't even be noticeable once it's blocked.
I'll be knitting on the Red Line today. I'm taking Hannah to see "Wicked" this afternoon. I'll think of you as I ride and knit!

Coffee stains? Those are barely detectable! I am sure they will come out with some blocking and some washcloths placed on them (I got a coffee stain out of a sweater-100%wool- with some water and putting a washcloth under and over the stained part and applying some pressure--a textbook). I have been waiting to knit cozy--- I've been waiting to see how yours turned out! I have some laceweight for mine...we'll see. It'll be my first time knitting lace.

Black coffee comes out pretty easily. I used to have this white coat . . .

As you say, it's the milk. The protein "cooks" onto the fabric. Be sure to tell us how it turns out.

Oh no, this is one of my worst knitting nightmares! Hopefully the stains will come out without a problem. The scarf is beautiful, and I can't wait to see the finished version.

Did you make Cosy skinnier than suggested or will it grow in width after blocking (well I know it will but just wondering how much).

Another Orange line rider-but I read on the train.

Oh I have a fear of this happening to me! My mother shut the door on her baby cashmerino scarf I knit her...there were enormous grease stains on it. I dabbed liquid dish detergent on it, rubbed gently and soaked it. Then washed in eucalin. All is well with the scarf!

Fingers crossed that you get the coffee out. Cozy looks so lovely.

*fingers crossed for coffee stain removal*

Oh no! I hope it will come out for you . . . she's looking too pretty to start life with a stain . . . but, I suppose it's kind of like a birth mark, huh?

i have full confidence that the stains will be removed. just put a little soap in the water when blocking and rinse several times. you should be totally golden.

I'm sure the coffe stains will go away. I had a sock/white wine/cat incident on Monday night.

Can't wait to see Cosy after she is blocked!

You won't even see those stains after you block!

Oh no! I would think/hope that it will fade during blocking.

Cozy looks great. You finished it pretty quick. I'm sure the coffee stains will come out with no problem. Now I'm thinking, no Koigu to make this, but I do have some Plain & Fancy Sheep & Wool in a pretty variegated yarn that just might do the trick to make Cozy! Can't wait to see the finished object!!

Yikes! I spilled coffee on my friend's shawl that she was knitting for her wedding. Luckily it was on the yarn and not the shawl itself and it wasn't too bad but it was horrible!

Cozy is lovely. I'm sure the coffee stains will come out. What yarn did you use for the project?


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