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I have big news to share with all of you. I'm going to be an aunt in August!

Of course, I'm quite tickled by this. And, what's a good aunt to do? Knit!

Let the baby-knitting marathon begin:


Yes, I'm swatching. Nothing's too good for my niece or nephew! I plan to knit George from Jaeger JB29. This idea, of course, is totally swiped from Shireen, whose baby knits for her own nieces and nephews are the cutest.

Speaking of marathons: good luck to all you runners. Better you than me. Happy Patriots' Day!


Oh, what wonderful news! Baby knitting is SO MUCH FUN! Enjoy!

glad to be an inspirational knitting auntie. :)

so they're not knit, but the ducklings' easter bonnets are just too cute- hopefully they'll still be up tomorrow and you can see them. enjoy your day!

Congratulations! Knit more baby things and knit often!

Congratulations! You know how I feel about being an aunt - welcome to the club!

Congratulations! I'm sure we'll be following along on all the cute little things you'll be churning out in now time!

oh that's SO cute! i wish i knew a baby to knit for!

Ooh, what fun! I love knitting for babies. Whole sweaters in a single bound!

How weird is that? I'm gonna be an aunt (for the 3rd time) in August, too! This time it's my baby sister and they found out it's a GIRL! Hooray! I loves me the babies!

Awesome news! Have fun knitting, Auntie!

Yeah, hello...gorgeous baby sweater! I may have to steal that idea for my up and coming niece/nephew!

Congratulations!!! That is wonderful news. Kids are so much fun to knit for...almost instant gratification. :-)

WOW very exciting news indeed! Congrats Aunt Colleen!

Oh, that's wonderful! I just adore being an aunt . . . it's the best!

Congratulations! You chose a really cute design, and a nice color!

Congratulations! I love that you are already knitting for August. Such devotion and discipline!

Happy baby-knitting!

Congratulations!!! :D

That kid will never lack knitted items. *L*


Congratulations, Auntie! Baby knitting is a blast -- you'll love it!

Congratulations. Baby knits are the best. Quick and yet so adorable! Have fun!


Congrats on the upcoming auntie-hood! :)

That's a very cute sweater.

Congratulations! Knitting for babies is fun, and doesn't take long!

Congrats!! I'm going to be an aunt in two weeks (more or less). But I'm not supposed to blog about the munchkin, due to a psychotic estranged parent. :(

Congratulations! Isn't that adorable.

Do you keep to one project at a time? I am thinking that a little more monogamy may be a good thing for my finishing things :-)


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