A Heel so Nice I Knit it Twice

The title says it all.

I was making great strides on my second Sockapaloooza sock. I had finished the cuff just as the train sped by Rocky Neck State Park. I completed the ankle rounds as we pulled out of New Haven, and the first set of short-row wraps were done as the train curved through Queens.


As I say, I was making great strides. While waiting underground at Penn Station, I began to pick up the wraps and finish the heel. That's when things went wrong. I noticed that I hadn't completely knit a stitch on the row below. Rather than tink back to that row, undo the P3Tog TBL, and then redo it (making sure that I had every bit of all three loops in my needle) I decided to unravel the stitch.

Why I did this, I'll never know. Those three stitches popped out of their loop and suddenly there were live stitches and wraps everywhere. Refusing to panic (Because really, what good would that have done?) and knowing that I was on my own here ("Um, excuse me! Can anyone tell me how to fix a dropped stitch in a short-row heel?") I did what any knitter would do: bravely forged ahead.

I grabbed those loops with a DPN, pulled a strand of yarn through them, positioned what I thought was a wrap in the proper place, and kept on going. When the train emerged in New Jersey I emerged victorious from this knitting battle.

Or, so I thought. Knit, knit, knit, wrap, purl, purl...wait a minute, there's an extra loop here. Let's try this again. Tink, tink, tink, loop, pull, turn. Okay, all good.

Things went back and forth like this for a while. I couldn't decide if I had fixed the stitch properly. As I passed by Cara all was well, but as we approached Newark, I admitted defeat. It all had to go.

This gave me the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the remainder of the ride. Good thing, too! Can anyone tell me what's up with the giant tooth sculpture near Hamilton, New Jersey? Please? Anyone?


Having recovered from my journey, I finished the heel later that day, in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.


that yarn really is one of hte most georgous ones I've ever seen

Eek - I can't imagine even attempting to drop down and fix a P3tog TBL... Yowza. Glad all is well now.

Don't you always know, too, when you should just rip and re-do, but something makes you think it will all work out??

If there was a Super Hero dedicated to helping Knitters In Need than you could have panicked and a person in a soft fuzzy knit cape would have shown up to help. I bet their cape would be made of Alpaca. Yeah...

Anyway so maybe if we're really lucky someday a person, a Hero like that will exist. The world would be a happier place... with less cursing too. *L*

The sock looks awesome so in the end whatever you did to fix it worked beautifully. :D


oh no... tragedy in sockland :( this is the only reason why i don't do short row heels: they are so hard to fix if you make a mistake.

i've seen that tooth sculpture thing before! weird, right?

All those years of Art History classes stuck in my brain immediatly went to work trying to find the origin of the Giant Tooth. It's by J. Seward Johnson Jr.

My first guess was Claes Oldenburg. I met him in 1971 and have been a fan forever. (I am not worthy, I am not worthy)

The tooth is shown at http://www.agilitynut.com/mim5.html

And finally, a happy ending! Whew.

Big dentists live there.

Really though, J. Seward Johnson has tons of cool stuff all throughout NJ. In Trenton, there's a place called "Grounds for Sculpture" with a great museum and sculpture garden - and restaurant! We go when home.

oops, I forgot to mention that Grounds for Sculpture is made possible by the J&J's $$. Lots of extraneous scupltures happen to be placed around the area. And Hamilton is right there so....

It may or may not be by J. Seward Johnson, of this I know nothing.

But the Hamilton Station is right next to The Grounds For Sculpture which is a park/art garden/whatever attached to the Johnson Atelier. Did you see the 4 horseman of the apocolypse?

Yet another reason I'm a afraid to try socks.

I've spent today trying to figure out socks, joining in the round and dpns....I feel defeated. Where's a good place to start? Love the finished sock.

After figuring out the tooth was probably by J. Seward Johnson, I called Grounds for Sculpture to verify. So yes - it's J. Seward Johnson.

I miss public art sooooooooooo much. This burg I live in has little to none...

great looking heel! :) That colorway is great, too. yum.

AAH! I totally identify with your sock heel story! I've done that before, and well, it pretty much ended up the same way as yours did.

The colorway is BEAUTIFUL! Please tell me these are my socks!


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