Yay Heel!

Maybe I'll start to carry around a sock project wherever I go. People would see me and wonder where on my person the sock is stashed.

Just because they're small doesn't mean there isn't lots of fun things to do while creating them. Take the heel. I love a shortrow heel! Those backwards yarn overs? The SSKs? Tthe K3Tog, TBLs? They're all great.


I would be further along on this heel if I didn't have to frog it last night (damned dropped stitch....)

I hope that my sock pal will like wearing this pair just as much as I am enjoying knitting them.


i do declare...i think you have come over to the dark side. you are actually enjoying this :)

I always have a sock project on the needles or ready to cast on - they're such portable projects! I'm sure your sock-pal will love them!

You mean you don't already carry a sock wherever you go? I thought we all did that.

I know! I've worked out if the traffic is poo of a morning I can do a short-row heel on one trip to work

there is something about the fact that you don't really finish a row neatly (always stitches left on each needle) that just keeps you going

I love your socks!
I've just started doing socks and can definately see the attraction in carrying them with you at all times!

It sounds like you're hooked, to me! It's looking great, too.

Socks make excellent portable projects! Too bad about the dropped stitch and the frogging -- I suppose on the bright side you get to look forward to knitting the fun heel again. Excellent yarn color combination.

you make me want to pick up another sock project. now if only i could find some yarn i want to use...

I think a short row heel is magic. I think this every damn time I do one.

I think a short row heel is magic. I think this every damn time I do one.

Lucky sock pal. It is coming along really nicely. Im waiting for some yellow yarn to finish my current sock pair.

Heh. I remember a woman who didn't knit socks. We have finally fully infected you with the virus. ;) I may sneak into Knitsmiths sometime soon!!!


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