There's not much to say:

The sock:

(1.5 oz., need it in metric?)

The yarn:

(2 oz., metric here)

Thank you for your good yarny thoughts. I'll have enough by 15 grams, or a half ounce. Not much leeway, but enough!

By the way, many of you asked me where I bought this wonderful yarn. I purchased it from fellow Knitsmith Dani, who owns Sunshine Yarns. Have a look at her socks yarns. The colorways are fabulous.


Oh, the miracle of the scale....

15g is a lot ... so no more worry now. I only had 1g to spare for my last pair ... since I had to match the striping pattern.

Phew, that was close. I'm glad you have enough yarn and the piece of mind that comes with that knowledge. Have fun knitting the 2nd sock!

I love my postage scale and do everything in metric. That way I can really scare myself about whether or not I have enough yarn left.

Yea! That's one good looking scale :-)


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