Touch Down

If you can use that term to descibe exiting the Massachusetts Turnpike, then I guess that we touched down in Boston late yesterday afternoon. My vacation wrap-up cannot hold a candle to Alison's (Really, a gold medal?!? Now that's cool!) so I won't even try.

I do, however, have two things to tell you:

One: it was really cold in Vermont. Extremely cold. Wicked cold, as some of my fellow New Englanders might say. Too cold for this knitter to hit the slopes.

Two: I have a pattern. Go on, knit* yourselves silly.

*DISCLAIMER: Only size 38 of this pattern that has been test knit (by me!). The remaining sizes were created based on some math, and some guessing about proportions. I would love to have some unofficial test knitters working the other sizes of this pattern to let me know if my numbers work. I can't give you yarn or money, just my undying gratitude and my undivided attention to your comments and suggestions. If you're interested, email me at colleen[at]subwayknitter[dot]com.

Finally, if you left me a comment or sent me an email during the past few days, please accept my apologies for a less-than-speedy response.


Let's just say, my skiing day at Jay yesterday was quite short. I ain't no stupid girl.


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