The Toe

After tweaking the tension loop by loop, my toe is finished:


Can you find the grafted row?

Sock number one of my Sockapalooza pair is finished. I'm half-way there!


You absolutely can NOT see the grafted row. Great job!

Beautiful - and I can't see the grafting at all. I love the way the blue zig zags up the leg. It's awesome!

Love how the colors ended up. Um, ok, I figured out where the grafted row was before checking with the arrows...

very nice! i loved watching this sock come together day by day :)

I couldn't find the grafted row at all. The sock looks great. Just one more to go.

Yup, pulling the tension correct on one loop at a time is the only way. Nice!

That is one perfect toe! And a beautiful sock to go with it!

if you like short row heels, have you tried the toe-up sock patterns (really good article in knitty archives goes through it all) these tend to use the same for the toe too - four short row sections in each pair of socks - bonus :)

you don't get to graft though, which is fun. i love to kitchener.

wow, you grafted that somewhere? could have fooled me......


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