The Toe

Why waste any time? I finished the knitting and decided to kitchener the toe right away:


What you see here is my second attempt; this one was successful. I never move the yarn to the rear needle correctly and this results in a row of twisted lower stitches. I never notice the problem until I'm half way through.

Once I get the toe kitchenered, I'll weigh the sock and the remaining yarn. At this point, I'm not sure what I'll do if I don't have enough yarn, but I'm not too worried. The ball seems denser than I first thought.


Just finished my first sock minus the toe closing. I'm on my second attempt at the kitchener stitch.

Very nice looking... Next time I need some Kitchernering, I'll send my socks to you LOL. One of the reasons I do toe up is so that I do not have to do this Kitcherner stitch LOL.

Very nice colorway too...
Cheers Eva

I don't know about the heels, but I'm so a fan of the short row toes now - no weird ladders or decreases, looks great, feels great - I'm sold.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Looks great! Don't you love the magic of the kitchener stitch?

I'll keep my fingers crossed for the yarn for sock 2!

Do you have a good scale? I can bring my analytical balance to Knitsmiths today if you need it.

Do you have a good scale? I can bring my analytical balance to Knitsmiths if you need it.

Looking great! Fingers still crossed :-)

Great looking sock. I always have to get out the instructions to graft, but it pretty cool to see it come together;)Socks are a bit addicting.

I love the colors. I'll be thinking abundant yarn thoughts for you. :)

That colorway is gorgeous. In the other pictures, it was a little harder to see and I didn't realize how pretty it was until now. Yay for kitchenering toes! :)

How are you working that toe? I've never seen a toe that grafted together on top instead of at the tip of the toe. Please tell me, I'd like to try it for my next pair of socks. Gorgeous color, by the way.


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