Sooooo Cute!

Ooh, these are so cute. Cute! Cute! Cute!


If you're keeping track, the Easter Bunny Booties are the third of the baby knitting trio. First, the Jelly Bean Blanket, then the Easter Egg Hat, and finally the Easter Bunny Booties. That's not bad for five skeins of Plymouth Encore Colorspun.


Gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see the future owner with all of these on!!!

Cheers, Eva

ha! those are so cute.

That's just an adorable baby set!

These are more than just cute, they are almost edible!

What a cute ensemble! Way to go!

It's a real shame you're not enjoying these more!

Jeez - it's cute OVERLOAD! They look good enough to eat. Excellent ensemble!

How about adding some thumbless mittens with the leftover (or maybe you don't have any more). You can connect them with an I-Cord.

The cuteness! The cuteness! I cannot bear it! ;)

I think you should keep on making these multicolor booties until you run out of yarn, so the parents can choose a color scheme!

you are getting a ton of projects out of that yarn!

That's such a very sweet set! I hope we'll see a picture of the very sweet recipient, too. :)

What a sweet little set! Did that use up all of the yarn?

How about some wee fingerless mitts?

Those booties are just adorable!

Holy cow, they are cute. It's so easy to imagine them animated with little feetsies.

these are ueber-cute!


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