Sock Update

I'm about to begin the best part: the heel shaping:


I have the same realization every time I reach the heel shaping: socks are really fun. But, why am I telling all of you what you already know? Yay for socks!


yay socks. i'm about to start a new pair myself

I second the "yay socks!" My newest fun activity! As a side note - for some reason I can't view the pictures in either version of the pattern....not sure if it's me (I'm using crappy IE at work).

Have fun with the heel shaping--the yarn you chose for your sock pal is so cool!

I love that once the heel is turned the rest of the knitting just seems to fly by and voila, it's done.

I like the looks of that sock!

socks are seriously cool. i wish non-sock knitters knew that!

I'm definitely starting to get into socks!

i think I might start knitting socks one of these days, just to see what the big fuss is about!

I just finished my first sock and it was awesome! I totally agree about the heel, it's great fun.

What yarn and color is that? It's really pretty.

I LOVE knitting socks. Its the reason why I wanted to learn to knit. Socks rock!
Knit on - can't wait to see the finished project.

Those socks are beautiful!


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