Shake Your...

Bootie (sorry, could not resist):


All I need to do now is to sew the seam, but I'll wait until I have the second one complete. This should take a matter of hours, if the first was any indication of how quickly booties are knit.

Now I know that this pattern could easily be converted into round knitting. Next time, that's what I'll do. For now, however, I'll keep both booties consistent and knit the second flat.


The whole set is going to be super cute!

So cute! Can't wait to see everything together.

Cute! Silly title (grin), but cute!

Catching up here . . . very cute! It looks like it will actually stay on (very critical detail when it comes to booties.

What a great little baby gift set you are whipping up!

Since this is self-striping yarn, is the 2nd bootie going to be a different color? Or are you going to make sure you start at exactly the same point?

Too funny! What a cute little baby set!

haha, shake your bootie ! Very cool color.

so sweet! I love the wee bootie!

Aw, so cute! If you ever make booties again, here's a link to a free circular pattern that I've done a couple of times:


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