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It's not a coincidence that Cozy is arranged in a frown. What you see here is the second attempt at the first repeat of the second version.

Say what?

The first time through I cast on 85 stitches. That was 14 repeats across. All was fine until I checked the yarn consumption. Two and a half inches consumed 10 grams of a 50-gram skein. At that rate, I figured that I would have less than a two-foot scarf. Not very useful.


Version two: cast on 43 stitches. I began to knit the first repeat, thinking that I would get one repeat done before I thought about things like lifelines. Now, admittedly, chart reading and lace knitting do not go hand-in-hand with subway riding. I acknowledge knowing this fact before I boarded the train with knitting in hand.

Number of rides it took for something to go wrong: one.

By row seven of the first eight-row repeat, I knew that something was amiss. I didn't have enough stitches. It is remarkable to me how stitches simply disappear in lace knitting. I never see them leave, but leave they do. Where do they go? I was in denial about this for two subway rides. I checked and rechecked. When all else failed I counted stitches: 42.

I frogged back two rows. The missing stitch felt comfortable enough to return. I'm now back at 43, and back at row seven.


*crosses fingers*

I had the same problem, and combined with a yarn that I didn't like, and Cozy went right into the frogpond! Hope you have better luck than me!

Just keep reminding yourself, knitting is FUN!

Knitting lace on the subway! You are way braver than me. Rowan Kidsilk Haze in a simple ribbed scarf is aggravating enough on the metro for me.

Don't you hate days like that? One step forward, two steps back? Hope it's moving steadily forward now.

i've never seen your blog before, but happened across it today. i just finished this pattern and probably knit it twice with frogging and re knitting. but it's beautiful when it's done and blocked, so don't give up. good luck.

Hmmmm. Subway Gremlins are now into the knitting. NOT a good sign. File that under "Things that get lost on the subway...", like a book, T-Pass, sunglasses, and now your stitch. Hmmmm...and WHERE was Lucy during all this???

I armed myself with a box of yummy organic cotton, did the math, and started knitting Cozy to lap blanket proportions. After trying to skate by some "subtle" increases and decreases to cover the not enough/too many stitches I kept getting, I finally caved, ripped it back, and dumped ten skeins of organic cotton in my lap. Lap blanket! (Someday I'll try again...)

I had a lot of trouble getting started on mine too. Once you get a couple repeats under your belt, I promise it will get easier.

I had the same infernal problem with the Branching Out pattern from Knitty. After ripping my beautiful laceweight baby alpaca out a zillion times,I finally took out some old yucky acrylic and swatched that pattern until I had conquered the Evil Lace Monster!!! Keep at it, and it will fall into place...&;-)

I'm in the middle of Cozy myself. Of course it took 4 starts I think to get this far. I take great comfort to know that I'm not the only one having this same problem of too-many too-few stitches. I'm not quitting though, this will be a Christmas gift for my mother, I know she'll love. I've choosen a Tahki Stacy Charles cotton in deep purple. Good Luck to us both!

I never did get far with this one. It was one of the first lace patterns I tried. Maybe I should try again. The pattern looks good in the photo.


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