Remember This?

A very long time ago I won this yarn from Ms. JKC:


It's Shelridge Farm Softouch Heather in the Opal colorway. Knowing that it was destinted to be a spring scarf for me, I stashed the yarn.

Spring is now, so it's time to get knitting. Early last week, I experimented with the Frost Flowers pattern from Barbara Walker. As you might remember, the experiment failed. It was time to return to the original plan: Cozy.


I'm excited to begin this project. I'm tired of stockinette.


this will be sooo pretty. Am glad to hear the finished scarf will be for you and not someone's baby..

I've always thought Cozy was lovely. I'm so glad you're knitting this!

very nice! cozy will make a lovely lightweight scarf in that yarn.

I like that stitch pattern.

Yummy! I loooooove knitting lace. Cozy's gonna be gorgeous in that color. Have fun!

Ooh, very pretty! What a lovely shade of blue!

I love Cozy - can't wait to see how it works up.

I think you were swatching for that pattern the first time I read you. LAte last summer? Is that right?

I adore that pattern... can't wait to see yours in that beautiful yarn. Spring has sprung!

That pattern is great fun. I always thought it would be lovely in blue!
It knits up really nicely and it seems to grow quickly. Maybe I should finish mine =)

i just got some shelridge soft touch and am starting a scarf as well! best yarn ever.

Cozy will be definitely quite gorgeous in that yarn! Yum! How many stitches will you be casting on, since that doesn't seem big enough for the whole wrap?

Came over from the YH... and gotta tell you I knit cozy last year and love it. The pattern is wonderful as are the results. Enjoy!

Oooh. I've been curious to see Cozy knit up and tempted to knit it myself - I'm looking forward to seeing your progress and I'm hope you enjoy working with the yarn!


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