On Hold

As you know, it is my belief that socks make the perfect traveling project:


With that in mind I have cast on for the second of my Sockapaloooza pair and packed my bag. The lace will have to wait, as I'm about to depart for the City of Brotherly Love: Philadelphia.

Eagle-eyed readers might notice something in that photo besides knitting. Yeah, it's my iPod Nano. Thanks to everyone who offered comments and advice about their experience with iPods.

Have a great weekend--I'll be on line, but I won't be posting.


OOOH! Have fun in my birth city! What are you doing down there?

Have fun in Philly! It's my home town!

I just finished a Koigu sock on my trip last weekend to Atlanta, and I completely agree, socks are the best traveling knits! Enjoy Philly (that's where I live!) and dbe sure to visit Rosie's Yarn Cellar or Loop Yarns.

Hope you're enjoying your Nano! Gorgeous colors on that sock.

What pattern are you using?

Have a blast in Philly! I lived there from 1974 to 1983. I recommend the Rodin Museum, walking along the river, and cheesesteaks.

Enjoy your new I-pod! That yarn is gorgeous.

The sock looks beautiful--and liz is right, you MUST go to Loop it's a store that's not to be missed. Have a great trip!

Have a wonderful trip to Philadelphia, my hometown too :-).

The sock color is gorgeous. Living in the hot, humid south, socks are about all I knit. Gotta love a portable project!

Have fun! Don't forget to leave room in your bag for your accidental yarn acquisions!

Have a great time while you're here! Most resurants LOVE knitters, so feel free to stitch as you please.

Beautiful socks! I finally caved and got a used Ipod mini on ebay. Still waiting for it's arrival! Have a lovely trip!

Love the colorway!

ok, another comment test. tried a new script.


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