Nothing but Blanket

I'll give the Jelly Bean Blanket a "10" for cuteness, but a "1" for portability.


It's definitely not the thing for knitting on the go. That's the blanket taking up my entire bag. There might be a wallet and at T pass (sorry, I mean a Charlie Card) in there, but who knows.

The smart knitter would tell me to leave the blanket at home, and knit something else during my commute. That's a great idea, except that I know that the other project would instantly become more interesting than the blanket, thus ensuring the blanket's continued languishing. Nope, the only way to finish it is to work on this exclusively.


I know what you mean about exclusivity! I am working on a baby blanket as well, and it is at the 2/3 point and certainly big. BUT like you said, I gotta keep going on it or I will lose interest completely. At least its an easy pattern.

Good morning,
I know what you mean about switching to something more interesting. I was working on the Fern Sweater, now I'm on to socks. I may frog the Fern. So, stay with your binky, it's almost there. Nice bag you have it in, too.

Yep, you're so close to it now, it's best to jsut finish it and forget it!

I dropped everything to work on a hat that must be finished by tonight. But tomorrow I will go back to my usual polygamous ways. It will be so satisfying to finish your blanket. Knit on!

good for you -- keep it up! you'll be soooo happy when it's done :)

Think of the muscles you'll build and the calories you'll burn by toting it around! You're almost there!

Perhaps you can switch to one of those wheeled pieces of luggage, endearing yourself to everyone on the subway... not. ;)

Thank heavens it's not a queen size duvet then ;).....


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