Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week

Who's that I see in the distance (all blurry because the train was moving and I couldn't steady the camera)?


Why it's a fellow subway knitter!


It's been a while since I have been able to document the presence of fellow knitters on the Orange Line. This woman was working on a short-row heel when I snapped my pictures. Could it be a Sockapaloooza sock?


I rarely ever see knitters on the T, it's sort of sad! I sat next to one woman on the green line, in January, and she was working on a very long, thin piece of 1x1 ribbing - I immediately recognized it as part of the Lucky sweater from stitch n bitch nation. I struck up a conversation, since I'd knit the sweater a year or so ago. I wish stuff like that happened more often!

I was knitting on the T yesterday - first the red line and then the green line.

Hmm, who was that mystery knitter? Will we ever know?

I knit on the T everyday (on the redline, though), it makes my train ride so much better. I love seeing other knitters. How do you take pictures without people noticing? Pretty sneaky...

Yay, another KIPper on the T. Other than Judy, I haven't seen a subway knitter in months. I did sit next to a knitter on a flight back from DC, but she wasn't knitting so that doesn't count.

Did you say hello? I always feel the need to say hello to strangers who might have something in common. I love her bag!

Did you say hello? I always feel the need to say hello to strangers who might have something in common. I love her bag!

i knit on the green line and orange line and commuter rail.

i met someone on the train the other day that i had met at claudia's -- she recognized the clap

Hey! That's me! I knit on the orange line every day and have secretly hoped that I would run into you. Only, I didn't notice that you were there.

It's not a Sockapolooza sock, but it is a Pom Pom sock.

Looks like she found you. How funny and how very, very cool!

OK, it wasn't me, as well. I have a beard. Looks like she's wearing the Project Specturm colors, though. Maybe she'll reveal herself yet...

I knit on the red line.

I *love* that you found each other after all!

I can't believe she left you a comment. I can't believe it. That makes me unreasonably happy.

The world is not so big after all! I love the purse on your lap Cait. Where could I get one like it?

ohhh, i miss the T, i miss Boston. there is woefully inadequate public transport in omaha (where i live now)and this whole commute-by-driving-a-car thing really cuts into my knitting time!
great blog!


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