Moving On

The sock progresses toward its toe:


(exciting, no?)

Actually, I'm beginning to worry about the yarn. That's a pretty long cuff. Will I have enough? What will I do if I don't?


How many yards was the skein? I'm betting you'll have enough but you can always weigh sock one and then the remaining ball to be sure. You could do contrasting toes to save yarn, also.

Contrasting toe. And act like you MEANT for that to happen.

Contrasting toe in subtly coordinating yarn on both socks. Altho if you run out, I would immediately put the sock on holders and knit the other one to make sure that you can switch to contrasting toes at the same point. Or you might find that you have enough extra left over from the second to finish the toe on the first sock. I knit a pair of Koigu socks in January and had about 6" left from one skein and about 6 yards left from the other!

You'll have enough --- fingers crossed :-)

Use another colour that would go well with the main colourway on the toes ... I think this is the only method if you don't want to rip it all back or get a sock with no toe section.

But of course, I'll send good karma your way wishing you have enough. ;)

you'll have enough. that knitting is perfection!

Got my fingers crossed! (This, though, is the exact reason I prefer toe-up socks.)

the yarn is knitting up beautifully! (I need to go dig through your archives to figure out what kind you're using... I think I remember it being hand-dyed by a fellow knitter, but I'm not certain...)

I like contrasting toes on socks, but I'm hoping that you'll have enough to finish them. I keep saying that I'll give short-row heels a go and seeing pictures with perfect heels (such as the one you posted earlier this week) are good reasons for me to look the technique up for the next pair I knit.

(It was great to hear that a carrot soufle was at the party - I hope it was as you remembered!)

That cuff isn't long enough to result in yarn famine. Good luck.


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