Jelly Beans


The picture is not so great, but the real life result is fabulous. I'm very happy, both with the results and to have the project off of my needles. And, not a moment too soon!

What can I say about this blanket? Actually, the pattern is mindless enough so that I could think about other things while knitting, yet not so monotonous that it drove me crazy. The alternating knit-purl sections kept my hands from getting tired, and the color changes kept my eyes interested. In a brief lap test, I noted that the blanket was both warm and snuggly--all in all, a good blanket pattern!

The details for the Jelly Bean Blanket:

Pattern: Basketweave Blanket, from Melanie Falick and Kirsten Nicholas'sKnitting for Baby (But really, look at what I did. Do you really need a pattern for that?)

Yarn: Plymouth Encore Colorspun, 75% acrylic, 25% wool (3.5 oz, 100g / 200y, 218m), colorway 7333, five skeins (really, about 4.1 skeins, with enough left over for a hat. Hey....)

Needles: US8s

Size: 36 inches (91cm) square.

What I changed (because you know that I changed something): I adjusted for gauge.

Would I knit this again: Sure, why not? As I wrote above, the pattern and the stripes kept things interesting, and the stitch pattern looks great on both sides. No lining required!


Gorgeous! Perfect gift for baby!

I always get annoyed when designers seem to pad their books with patterns that even new knitters don't need written out. I remember the first thing I ever knit (way back in high school) was something in a basketweave pattern. It wasn't hard to figure out how to get the checkerboard effect.

it looks great. encore is perfect baby yarn.

and best of all -- it's done!

It's beautiful - what a wonderful gift!

It looks great! I'm sure that the baby will love it. I am a big fan of Encore for kid stuff.

It looks wonderful--soft, warm, and cozy. Between that and the nice colors, what more could a baby ask for?

I like that idea of the Lap Test! I can just picture you sitting with it on your lap mulling over the idea of whether it passes or not!!

Yay!! Looks like a perfect baby gift.

The Blanket is beautiful. The special baby that gets wrapped in that will definately feel the love.

So sweet! Did the striping happen naturally with the yarn in the pattern you used, or did you have to cut & start a new section of yarn to get the even striping?

Looks so cute. Love the colours.

Bravo! You get an A+ for persistence when confronted with the longest knitting project ever and for using self-striping yarn at its natural advantage.
It looks so cute and snuggly!

Beautiful! And yet it reminds me guiltily of the unfinished blanket at the bottom of my knitting bag...

Oh, it's so sweet! Definitely reminiscent of jelly beans. Do you like the yarn? I've never used it but it's always good to know about good yarns for little ones.

Awesome! I love the yarn color too!

Awesome! I love the yarn color too!

That is Easter-eggy in the extreme.

In a good way.


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