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Thanks, to Knitsmith Shireen, for mentioning this in my comments yesterday:


As soon as I read Shireen's comment, I high tailed it over to the Public Garden. Our mystery knitter made sure mother duck and her ducklings were properly attired for St. Patrick's Day. [If you don't know to what this sculpture refers, then google "Make Way for Ducklings".]


Over the past year or so, someone has up the task of knitting for the ducks. Who knows how this knitter slips into the Public Garden unnoticed. Surely someone must witness this act--but is keeping quiet. I didn't notice a trail of green lint which I could follow. This knitter covers her tracks well.


I certainly didn't look very closely for clues. While I do have a hunch, I have no interest in knowing if I'm correct. Solving the mystery would ruin part of the charm.


That is so funny! Thanks for posting this, I am on my way over that way this morning, anyway, so I'll check this out.

Awesome! I love the ducks! We photographed ourselves with them when we were there last winter.

I feel bad for those ducklings sometimes - whenever I go by, they're being sat upon by dozens of small children! At least someone's looking out for them :)

What a wonderful moment to capture!

The ducklings look adorable! Does this knitter do this for other holidays as well? Or just St. Patrick's Day?

That is too too funny - it's the little things that make life interesting, isn't it?

That's great! Good for the mystery knitter.

Kudos for Shireen! Well-spotted!! Shireen, you're awesome!
your niece

So cute! I'll have to go to the garden to check out the newly attired ducklings!

It reminds me of the mysterious person in Baltimore who puts a bottle of liquor on Edgar Allan Poe's grave every year, but obviously, a little more warm and fuzzy!

sorry about my overzealous sister though.

truly fabulous!! Despite growing up in Boston, I've never heard of the duck knitter!

wow, that's so cute! i've never heard of someone knitting for a sculpture before!

How fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

That's awesome. We've got our own graffiti knitta here in Beantown!

Thank you for sharing that. That was my favorite book as a child and I still love those duckies.

Sister? I'm your niece!
Xènia (who wears a lot of Shireen's knitwear)

I love it! Thanks for the pics. I'll have to show my girls later, they love the story but haven't yet seen the statues in the public garden.

Thanks for sharing the pictures. What a way to brightens everyones day, even people way out in Wyoming are able to get a chuckle thanks to your blog.

Love the pictures, I don't get down to the public garden nearly often enough anymore. I love to go when the bulbs are all in bloom and the morris dancers are out.

that's so cute! i never knew that happened. man, i miss everything out here.

Awesome! I totally did not know about this.

That made my day!

I lived across the street from the scuptor who made the ducks, Nancy Schoen, when I was growing up. I am going to email this link to her right now - I wonder if she knows about this? (She would LOVE it)

this is so great! thanks for sharing... an intriguing story.

Love it! And, damn, sorry I missed it!

Fabulous. I love this.

AWESOME! I wish I had known about this earlier- I just discovered it today.

What a cute idea- thanks for posting pics!

I count Make Way for Ducklings and guerilla knitting appearances as two of my favorite things (no kitten whiskers or white dresses for me!). The combination of the two is priceless. Thanks for sharing their joy and exuberance!

We are wellocme to it's configuration.

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