Hip-ity Hop-ity

I better jump to it on these Easter Bunny Booties.

I'm using the pattern from a 2004 Filatura Di Crosa baby series designed for Tahki Stacy Charles. Here's a visual listing of the patterns available. At $12, I think it's a bargan for the patterns it contains.


This will be my very first pair of baby booties. I'm surprised to see that they're knit flat, and I'm curious to see how the shaping works.


I hear that the baby booties that are basically socks tend to stay on better than the "classic" booties that seam up. It's something to consider. Do you have Knitting Vintage Socks? There's a cute bootie pattern in there.

I haven't knitted traditional booties before either, so it will be interesting to see how these work.

You're on quite the baby bender, aren't you? Will miss you this week - have fun & see you next. Am waiting to see what baby item you begin next....

Careful. Baby booties are like potato chips. You think you're just going to knit one pair....


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