Heels That Make You Go "Hmmm"

As I cruised to a finish on heel number one, I got to thinking. While I like knitting, it can be a little quiet (except for Knitsmiths time, when we're anything but demure.) Do you know what would fix that? Music.

Do you know what that means? An iPod.

Since I'm a woman of action, I went over to the official iPod website to have a look around. I wish that I could say that I wasn't drawn to these things, but I tend to have a weak spot for little gadgets. Then the mental calisthenics of justification kick in: think of how nicely an iPod would fit into the knitting bag! Heck, even Johanna's sock purse could accomodate a sock project and an iPod.


Speaking of calisthenics, there's the gym to consider. I must have my tunes for the treadmill! Juno recently asked us all about our favorite gym tunes. "Imagine being able to flip between three (or 10) CDs without needing to carry those three (or 10) CDs with me," I thought. "Brilliant!"

What doest this have to do with knitting? Not much, except that knitters have iPods, and maybe a knitter or two (or several) can tell me the good things about iPods: the Nano, the original, the Shuffle, or your MP3 player of choice.


Oh yeah, and I finished the heel.


I've had nothing but bad luck with my ipod. I think I'm the exception to the rule but I would feel badly if I didn't warn you. I'm now getting replacement number 5.

Don't get the shuffle as it is not going to give you any control over what you listen to...it randomly shuffles. My husband and both sons have iPods...the Husband has the regular iPod that holds nearly 5000 songs and he loves it. You can also download books (nice to have when you are knitting for a long stretch.) #1 son has the iPod mini, but they no longer make that. #2 son has the nano. the Nano is great...can also hold photos, so nice when you are traveling and want to show photos to people or have some to keep with you. Because the nano is so small and thin, you really need a good case for it (I would recommend a case for any of them really). The other nice accessory, IMHO, is a docking station because you can have it charge while you are listening to it. I think they are great...I borrow from each of my family members all the time. I think it is easy to access music and to create playlists of your own design. Sheesh...I sound like an ad for Apple.

I have a regular, 3rd generation iPod that I got right before I left for college (in '03). Unlike many people, I haven't had any trouble with mine - the battery still holds its charge relatively well, etc. I have NO desire, however, to buy a new one right now - the video iPod is way too much (in terms of function) and the Nano doesn't have enough storage space for me (but it's great for people with fewer mp3s - I'm pushing 100 gigs over here!) So I would probably get the video iPod, if forced.

I've only had my 60G iPod since October, but I've been pleased so far--one snafu where a button wouldn't work properly, but resynching it to my computer fixed that. If you ask me, one of the best reasons to have an iPod (or whatever) is to be able to listen to knitting podcasts at your convenience (I like Knitcast and Cast On). Of course, you can always just listen to them on your computer, but if you're on, say, the subway, it's nice to be able to take it with you. It's sort of like a portable knitting group (only, like you say, not as loud).

I hve a mini (4Gb) and my husband has a nano (2Gb). I love my mini. The storage is just right to have a good selection of music and room for a couple audiobooks. The nano to me just seems too tiny. Love that sock colorway, BTW.

I'm a big NPR fan and iTunes makes it easy to subscribe to NPR shows. Great for T-riders that can't always listen to the radio.

I have a mini and it is great. I don't have a huge selection of music, and now my entire collection is at my fingertips--literally. I also like having the ability to purchase songs individually is great! $.99 and I can get one of my favorite 1980's songs? Yea!

I've heard great things about the Creative Zen Micros, too, if you want to look outside the ipod family. But, of course, since I don't have an MP3 player of any kind of my own yet, I can't really say one way or another! I'm tempted, though--a way to listen to podcasts? Sounds good! Although, I really hate listening to anything through earphones.... personal idiosyncracy, what can I tell you?

Oh yeah, your heel looks fab!

I've had two iPods thus far, and no battery problems or breakage here (I got one with a dock a few years back so I could dump CF cards to it on trips; the old one is now my sister's.) The new iPods are even smaller than mine, though I never have had a problem with the size... but it's really nice to have music for walk/public transit trips. (I take a LOT of those.)

You can also subscribe to an awful lot of podcasts, including some great NPR shows like "On the Media", "Living on Earth", "Science Friday"... If you want The American Life you have to pay, though, so I just listen to that and Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me on their respective web sites.

If you get an iPod, I would really reccomend getting a good neoprene case that velcros shut... it's not good when your iPod falls down, even if they're fairly resistant to it because the hard drive doesn't run often.

I've had a 1G Shuffle since shortly after they came out, and I love it. I keep a couple of audiobooks on it (at the top of the playlist, so I always know where to find them) and the rest is music. For bus-riding and knitting, it's wonderful. When the bus is quiet (or when I'm knitting at home), I listen to novels or P.D. James mysteries. When it's noisier or I'm beat at the end of the day, the music gives me and my knitting good energy. If you need more info, just e-mail me!

I'd recommend the Nano or other non-hard drive mp3 player for gym use - it'll be lighter and should be more durable. I have a shuffle for walking (because I'm ok with the random play for exercise) and a 40 gb Photo for work, the car, travel, hooking up to my stereo to listen to mp3s and podcasts in my living room - but since it has a hard drive, it just isn't good for exercise (heavy, more easily damaged).

the heel looks great! somehow it doesn't look like any holes are showing, unlike mine.

I have a "standard" 60G ipod which is definitely more space than any person could need but it's great- and i agree about downloading NPR shows- you can listen whenever and wherever you want!

I have a nano (4gb) and I love it. It holds about 1000 songs which is plenty for me, but I mainly use it for listening to knitting podcasts on the bus - cast-on and about-time being my favourite. It's so small and pretty.

i love my ipod. i'm listening to it right now! i hook it up to some speakers in my office and jam out while coding. it's great :)

For the gym I have the Rio Sport - it predates the iPod mini and is a flash player - only holds about an hours worth of music. On the other hand - it's 3 years old and been tossed across the gym more times than I can count and it still plays. This impresses me.

I have an anti iPod bias that the new black video iPod might finally have overcome - my main MP3 player is the iRiver 40 gb player, which has been terrific...and when it wasn't terrific, the customer support was OUTSTANDING.

I was resistent to joining iPod nation and would never have joined if I hadn't lost my beloved Dell DJ at the airport. But, I decided to go all the way when joining and I got the Black 30G iPod video. I love it. it's sleek, there's tons of space, and you can carry around every photo you ever took on it. I recommend it!

(a) We got the iPod nano (1G) for my stepson for Christmas and damn is that thing tiny and amazing. (You can download podcasts and books on tape and stuff, too, you know.) I don't know what is better or best, but the things are so freaking small and pump out such a lot of music, I'm fascinated with any of them.

(b) I need advice on a short-row heel, and since yours looks so nice, I'll ask: Do you have your own method or did you take it from somewhere. I've done one pair this way and they look great but now I'm doing kids' socks and I'm unsure of how many rows to do. Leave 1/3 of the stitches, roughly? Any help? Thanks.

I have a mini and love it. It is just the right size and holds more than enough songs for me.

I sencond Jessie's question about your heels - I can do a flap heel no problemo - but short row? Nothing but trouble.

I have a 60Gb videoPod. I used to have a 3rd Gen 15GB iPod, but it didn't hold all of my music collection. I didn't think I'd use the video feature when I got it, but I finding more and more uses. For one thing, with a few hops, you can import from DVDs to it. So you can watch stuff on planes (where the screen really isn't any smaller than that one that hangs from the ceiling is from your seat). Also, it's a quick conversion from my digicam, so now I have lots of videos of my (and friends) cats. And more and more TV shows are available at a reasonable price on iTunes. They just added The Daily Show!!!!!

As for the photo option, I've started sticking photos of my knitting on it, so if people ask to see some of my projects, I can show them.

So, if the 30Gb or 60Gb is in your budget, I say go for it. You'll always find uses for the space.

I have an old 20Gig Archos Jukebox that has worked well for me for many years. But I would recommend that you get a flash-based player if you are going to use it for exercise. The hard-drive based ones are a little more fragile (and heavier). I also think you can probably get more MB for your money if you buy something other than the iPod brand. There are lots of other great products out there.

I have sock envy.

I have an iPod video and love it. Not only can it carry music, pictures of our projects, videos and podcasts, but you can also download tv shows and movies. I knit a sock for mine the first week I had him and it's keeping him warm and safe.

I have the iPod Mini (that they no longer make) and I love it. I can listen to music and to books and to podcasts on it. I have the armband holder thingie to wear while I'm running, which is great. I'm all for small gadgets, too!

I love my 40GB photo iPod (with a twinge of occasional video envy, but that's OK). Investing in a protective case is a must with these - I have an iSkin silicon case with screen and wheel protector.

If you want to exercise with the player, you should keep in mind that hard disks are much, much more susceptible to damage and are really hard to repair due to their tiny size. I have a solid state player (no disk) that has lasted for 5 years and multiple accidents.

I got my son's Gen3 iPod when he upgraded to the new video pod. I tell ya, I love it. I never understood the attraction, but now alas I am hooked! I even had to find white earphones (hate those earbud things) to match.
Get one, get one now.

I love my mini. Wish they had never discontinued then. You can get refurbished ones though.

The nano still has issues, I'm waiting for a second generation, as the coating scratches too easily, and the wheel has some software problems :)

I've never had a iPod or other, so unfortunately I have no suggestions. I'm sure you will find one though.

It cracks me up for one who's not a sock knitter, you do seem to enjoy making them. Maybe you've turned the corner on being a sock knitter? ;-)

I'm on my 3rd iPod. It's the video one. Plus I store pictures of my knitting in the photo section so I can show people when I don't have my knitting with me. It's a 30G ipod and I have only about 8G left in it. Maybe I should have gone for the 60G!!

I have a classic 20g and it works great... only thing i can complain abaout is that it got scratched in the back way easily, not good to carry the ipod and keys and needles together, at least not for the gadget. it's great and Iitunes is like the best music player when listening to music in the computer, so you don't have to use different programs.

Once you get your ipod I highly recommend audible books from audible.com. Don't tell my bookclub, but I often listen to our books instead of reading them!

I love my iParsley (what I call my 30G iPod). Technically mine can play videos, but I need to upgrade my computer's operating system and QuickTime before it will work for that.

I love being able to go to the gym and run and what not. I even have a playlist I call Fleet that is just fast dance music to exercise to. I have my Japanese language CDs on there and quite a few other things. I am already past the point I would be for the Nano, but no where near where I can go with 30G.

I have a 20G iPod and I love it. I also like the new video iPods a whole lot and I'll probably upgrade eventually. I think that the nano and the shuffle are silly. I can see the point if one is a runner or something, but for knitting and general use, I think more storage space is better. I've put most of my CD's on my iPod, I always have at least two unabriged audiobooks, as well as a few assorted podcasts (there are podcasts about knitting!), and I still have plenty of space left over for whatever else I may find.

Google is the best search engine


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