Fleet Feet

Carole commented a few days ago that socks knit quickly once the heel shaping is finished. At the time I read the comment and thought "no, not really."

In retrospect, she's correct (sorry for doubting you, Carole). I knitted here, there, and everywhere yesterday and was surprised to look up and notice that the foot was more than half-way done.


A couple of you had questions about my shortrow heel. As Claudia wrote: shortrow heels are magic. I don't really understand how they work (but it must have something to do with the two sets of wraps creating a steep angle). I'm using the numbers from Priscilla Gibson-Roberts's Dream Socks pattern. At a gauge of seven stitches to an inch, the pattern advised me to leave 14 stitches unwrapped between yarn overs. That meant that I wrapped one more than half the stitches on each of the two heel needles. I don't know if this helps. If your heel seems too pointy, then try wrapping fewer stitches. If it seems too shallow, then try wrapping more.

Thank you everyone for your comments and advice about my upcoming purchase. I began thinking about an iPod last year, when I realized that my CD player was too large. I also realized that I was on my fourth (yes that's 1, 2, 3, 4) CD player in one year (one violently smashed in a treadmill mishap; one was faulty from the get-go; another I lost; and the fourth I still have) and before I spend money on an iPod, I have to prove to myself that I can be responsible with one piece of personal audio equipment for one year. My time is up in April, and that's when I can start looking.


I can understand your doubt, what with your limited sock experience. Nevertheless, don't let it happen again. ;-)

i have to give short row heels a try. i also want to learn how to knit a toe-up sock. i'm always afraid of running out of yarn, so i've been making mostly short ankle socks.

You inspired me and I made some short row heels the other. Then I went crazy and made my first ever short row toes. I like grafting; it was fun.

Did you do a picot hem on those? Because I just did my first ever (these same socks - very uncharacteristic of me) and the hem sticks out a little bit, like perpendicular to the rest of sock. Does that happen to you?

For me, the second sock always goes a lot faster than the first one ... because I have something to compare to.
The pooling on the leg of your sock looks interesting ... like having a zig-zag on the leg. Lovely colours, BTW.

Delurking to make a quick albeit late comment on iPods. If you, like me, have the problem of dropping things a lot, you whould definitely look at the nano, not the original. The nano works on solid state (flash) memory, this means that it has no moving parts to break when you drop it. The original works on a mini-harddrive (very similar to the ones in laptop computers), these do have moving parts (a couple of spinning magnetic disks and a magnetic reader head that floats just a couple nano-meters above the surface of those disks) that can break when dropped.

Love your sock!!

And definitely avoid anything with a hard drive. :)

ooh, I really love that sock yarn! And I HIGHLY recommend iPods. I have a mini, and it is really tough. Yes, it has been dropped! Maybe you could get one on eBay??

Try working the inside of the hem (the part you fold to the inside, that is) one round shorter than you're working it. It sounds like what happens to my picot hems when the inside is longer than the outside. :-)


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