Easter Bonnet?

Not quite! How about an Easter Egg Hat instead:


The i-cord knot on the top is my new hat topper of choice. It's just so darn cute!

And, still I have yarn left over. What's left? Jelly Bean Blanket, Easter Egg Hat....Easter Bunny Booties. Yes!


Adorable! And so quick.

so very sweet - and babyesque oloking!

OH! that IS cute! I need cute things today.

As my 3 yr old would say....I LUB IT!

It's wicked cute!

Oh, that hat is CUTE. Looking forward to seeing how adorable Easter egg booties will be. :)

So cute! Yes, some booties would complete the set.

You're officially easter-egg-outofcontrol!

Sweetness! Perfect for a spring baby. Booties would be a great complement. I'm making the Better Than Booties Baby Socks from Interweave right now. So far, so good!

so cute! i love the way that yarn striped out :)

talk about making the most of your yarn! bravo!

I think you are in love with this yarn. Seriously.

So cute! And I love that topper.

love love love it!

How adorable! And I really like the jelly bean yarn in the blanket. So far, I have no babies to knit for, but I suppose that doesn't need to stop me...so cute!

haha that is so cute.


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