(De)Frost Flowers?

Thinking ahead, I grabbed one of my Barbara Walker stitch treasuries (volume 2) some needles, and some leftover yarn and began to swatch an idea that I had.

I love the Frost Flowers pattern (it's on the cover of volume 2) but I don't like that it appears to run in one direction. Could I rearrange the upper part of the pattern so that the leaves grow down instead of up, thus eliminating the top and bottom look?


The first step was to chart out the original pattern. The only shortcoming to the BW books is the lack of charts. Then I recharted the upper portion, inverting the direction of the leaf motif. Finally, I swatched the results.


Um, no. I guess the lesson is that leaves won't grow down, or at least I can't figure out how to make them do it. The reason has something to do with the way that the decreases create relief in the pattern. It's why Annie Modesitt's Backyard Leaves scarf is knit in two parts and seamed at the top. There's no way to make the leaves change direction mid-pattern.

So much for my idea!


I tried to do something similar with another lace pattern (chevrons) and it just wouldn't work. It's those d&*^d decreases, I think.

Ah well, it was worth a shot. *makes mental note about the phenomenon*

Good try, though! I haven't tried playing around with lace patterns, but I really should--it looks fun, if marginally frustrating (grin).

Hey, at least you tried. Hours of fun, huh?

I also tried to figure out a way to do that and was unsuccessful. Bummer to find something you just CAN'T do in knitting, huh? But maybe someone somewhere has the answer.

Why not just knit it in two halves and graft together, modifying the part of the pattern where the two halves would join to make it look smoother if necessary?

trial and error.. these are very good lessons to learn!

It was a great idea though! I totally admire your persistence and patience to chart something out and swatch it like that!

I-i-i-i-interesting. Now I don't have to try that.

This is one of those eerie coincidences, where yesterday, just yesterday, I pulled out the book and thought of doing *just that* with the F&F pattern! Eerie. I am so glad you actually did this before I could get to it. I plan to use the pattern for a simple scarf. If you cast on provisionally, you could pick up stitches at the cast on after one half of the scarf is done and then knit teh pattern in the other direction, no?

I love Frost Flowers but have never knit it due to lack of chart and my lack of ability TO chart it.

Any chance you might be willing to share your chart with the chart-drafting-impaired??


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