Almost There

Suddenly the Jelly Bean Blanket went from being little more than half-way finished to being almost done:


As I was knitting back and forth and flipping this thing on my lap, it began to feel heavy. I stretched it out and measured. I'm one repeat from the garter-stitch border. Nice!


Keep chugging along! It's looking great.

Looks great!
Hey, if you (or your readers) get a chance- head over to the public garden today. A knitting leprechaun has visited the ducklings! I took pictures but won't be able to download till later. you have to see it for yourself!

You're really whipping that one out. Great job Colleen!

Isn't it funny how it works like that? One day you think it's never going to be done and then, all of a sudden, you're there.

Oh, that's fabulous - the best way for it to happen!

i love the colors. the end is near!

Woo hoo! You're out of the knitting black hole!

i love it when a project finishes faster than you expect!

At least babies and their blankets are small!

I love the colors, very sweet blankie.

Excellent, you're almost there!


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