What Have We Here?

Assuming that I snuck in a sleeve last week, while no one was looking, do you know what this is?


Yeah, it's the four pieces of the Subway Sweater: back, front, and two sleeves.

Remaining are blocking and seaming.

That's all for now. We'll see you next on the blocking board!


Congrats! Way to go!

Great progress! You're in the home stretch now.

Wont be long now! I think there is a lot of blocking going on right about now.

woah where'd that come from?! can't wait to see it all put together. reaally love that yarn. made one of my first scarves with it years ago and it still looks great.

Yay ... now it's really gold medal within reach!

oh! oh! oh! Congrats on being just a few steps away from a completed sweater! The color of the yarn is wonderful, and I think the pattern has moved up a bit on my "what will I knit when I'm not feeling guilty for not working on my olympic hat" list.

There was never any doubt.

Happy Birthday! (belated, I think).

oh yeah - you are almost there! No stinkin' silver here - gold all the way!


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