We Interrupt the Knitting Olympics

...to bring you a brief Sockapaloooza update.

Mad props to Lisa for giving me my very first sock book!


It's pretty basic, and all the patterns have short-row heels. I'm sure that I can use it for reference even if I don't follow a pattern stitch-for-stitch.


Uh oh... are you turning into a sock knitter? :) the ULTIMATE subway project--- I keep mine jammed into my bag. The magic loop method might be better for MBTA knitting...less opportunity to lose needles. I have the Magic Loop booklet if you want it...I don't need it anymore. Drop me an email if you'd like it. :)

I love that book! I'm using it now for after-thought heels.

oooh oooh oooh, can you bring to Knitsmiths on sunday for group perusal?!? :)

Love the Mermaid socks from that book...

Oooo...that's what I'm using for my Sockapaloooza socks! Great book. I want to try the Mermaid socks. Say hi to Lisa for me and give her a big hug. Hell, give yourself one too. :) It turns out I'm going to be in Bristol for the summer b/c got a job as a research assistant. that's why you never got my resume. thank you so much for the offer!!

it is indeed a great book but i cannot get the hang of the short-row heel...i need a lesson


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